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2019 Architecture Giants Report: The year that was at 94 design firms

A roundup of trends, innovations, new hires, and big wins from 94 of the nation's largest architecture and architecture/engineering (AE) firms, as reported in Building Design+Construction's 2019 Giants 300 Report. 

July 30, 2019 |
624 Yale multifamily development, seattle, Derek Reeves, courtesy GGLO, 2019 Architecture Giants Report

The 624 Yale multifamily development is located in the northeast Cascade neighborhood of South Lake Union in Seattle. This project occupies a highly visible but underutilized site around a very active corridor into and out of Seattle’s fastest-growing neighborhood. The site has an irregular shape and sloping topography that the design capitalizes on by separating the project into two separate buildings, offering abundant program uses and engaging with the street level through walking paths, open green spaces and retail options. Owner: The Blume Company. Architect: GGLO. Photo: Derek Reeves, courtesy GGLO



Two-thousand and eighteen was a busy year for the nation's largest architecture and architecture/engineering (AE) firms. Corgan launched an in-house incubator to facilitate innovation by staff. Gensler expended its use of sensors and data spatialization in its designs. Mithun kicked off an initiative focused on model resilience zoning code. ZGF Architects partnered with the University of Wisconsin on smart flooring sensors. This and more in our annual roundup of trends, innovations, new hires, and big wins from the Architecture Giants, as reported in Building Design+Construction's 2019 Giants 300 Report

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News from North America’s Architecture Giants:
• AE7 Using Revit to connect teams around the world.
• AHL Trained staff on use of point cloud laser scanning.
• ALLIIANCE Implementing VR, AR, and 3D modeling.
• api(+) Intensifying focus on food retail service concepts.
• ATA BEILHARZ Opened new office in Dayton, Ohio.
• AYERS SAINT GROSS Developed common detail libraries across three offices.
• BALLINGER New Research + Strategy group aids in design of evidence-based environments.
• BARKER RINKER SEACAT ARCHITECTURE Developed “Consider. Confirm. Commit.” and Owner Decision Matrix.
• BBS Added five partners.
• BCA New enterprise-wide BIM conversion and virtual server environment.
• BOSTWICK DESIGN PARTNERSHIP Engaging in intentional design process.
• CALDWELL ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS Developed proprietary PM website.
• CANNONDESIGN Acquired Blue Cottage Consulting.
• CARRIER JOHNSON + CULTURE Forming “Strategic Alliance Partnerships” in university P3 projects.
• CLARK ENERSEN PARTNERS Completed strategic plan through 2025.
• CLARK NEXSEN New Building Science Group formed.
• CORGAN New in-house incubator, HUGO, to facilitate innovation by staff.
• CORTLAND Pivoted to real-time information access.
• CTA ARCHITECTS Completed the first Passive House pre-K school in the U.S.
• CUNINGHAM GROUP ARCHITECTURE Registering patent for a room fitness monitor. Researching an all-inclusive restroom.
• CURTIS + GINSBERG ARCHITECTS Integrating Passive House into projects.
• DATTNER ARCHITECTS Created exclusive Project Management Manual and Visual Standards Manual.
• DIGROUPARCHITECTURE Implemented Revit for process-driven design.
• DLR GROUP Hired Brooke Grammier as CIO. K-12 Studio created Student Engagement Index.
• DLZ CORP. Using panoramic and flythrough renderings for client visualization.
• E4H ENVIRONMENTS FOR HEALTH ARCHITECTURE Using tethered VR and Lean processes—3P, Choosing by Advantages, pull planning.
• ELKUS MANFREDI ARCHITECTS Two-year state-funded workforce training initiative to enhance green credentials, productivity, and high-performance design.
• EYP MISSION CRITICAL FACILITIES Broke off from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
• FLAD ARCHITECTS Formalizing its post-occupancy evaluation (POE) process.
• FOGARTY FINGER ARCHITECTURE Won its first hotel project.
• FSB VR for visual coordination and client experience.
• FXCOLLABORATIVE Hired Robin Elmslie Osler, AIA, as Interiors Studio Director.
• GENSLER Using sensing, technology, and data spatialization in designs.
• GGLO DESIGN Awards innovation grants to staff to investigate new technology.
• GLAVE & HOLMES ARCHITECTURE Doubled revenue under new strategy plan.
• GMB ARCHITECTURE + ENGINEERING Staff meet in multidisciplinary “Team of Teams” pods for 15 minutes a day to discuss corporate goals.
• GREENBERG FARROW Added COO, CFO, and BizDev Managing Principal.
• GRESHAM SMITH New tag: “Genuine ingenuity.” Opened new Chicago office.
• GRIMM + PARKER ARCHITECTS Two net-zero buildings under construction.
• GWWO ARCHITECTS New tool collects data from firm’s Revit models for monitoring by BIM manager.
• H2M ARCHITECTS + ENGINEERS Educated residents near a New York state park on importance of resiliency.
• HARVARD JOLLY Implementing 3D visualization, integrated project approach, Lean design, 21st-century learning in schools.
• HASTINGS + CHIVETTA ARCHITECTS Moved HQ to new office in St. Louis. 
• HDR Acquired planning firm Calthorpe Associates. Employed predictive analytics to determine how Car-T cell therapies impacted a client’s patient bed capacity.
• HGA Design Insights Group has moved into services for arts, community, higher ed, public, corporate, and infrastructure clients.
• H. HENDY ASSOCIATES Developed a proprietary evidence-based program that analyzes workplace activities, amenities, and migration patterns.
• HMC ARCHITECTS Contributing to employees’ student loan payments.
• HUCKABEE Completed four pilot studies on K-8 education.
• HUNTON BRADY ARCHITECTS Current focus: community-centered outpatient facilities.
• INTERIOR ARCHITECTS Using Experiential Graphic Design to enhance workplace experience.
• JCJ ARCHITECTURE Applying Deltek database platform.
• KIRKSEY ARCHITECTS Opened office in Austin, Texas. Became carbon-positive as a company.
• KTGY ARCHITECTURE + PLANNING Established a construction innovation committee.
• LARSON DESIGN GROUP Implemented real-time 3D rendering for visualization.


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• LEGAT ARCHITECTS New R&D group encourages employees to apply for research grants.
• LEO A DALY Using its software to develop greenfield sites.
• MARGULIES PERRUZZI Using 3D design, AR/VR, and visioneering for presentations.
• MBH ARCHITECTS Created an in-house job captain school.
• MCKEE & ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTURE + INTERIOR DESIGN Flying drones for roof projects.
• METHOD ARCHITECTURE Using VR to save costs on projects with very tight budgets.
• MILLER DUNWIDDIE Implemented a time projection tool to optimize staffing allocations.
• MITHUN Researching model resilience zoning code.
• NILES BOLTON ASSOCIATES Developed prototype for mass timber in multifamily projects.
• OMNIPLAN Expanded into the multifamily market.
• PAGE New Mexico City office.
• PAYETTE Won the 2019 AIA Architecture Firm Award.
• PERKINS EASTMAN Won AIA Latrobe prize with Drexel U. Appointed Rebecca Milne to Director of Design Strategy.
• PRELLWITZ CHILINSKI ASSOCIATES Appointed Ruth Parr, AIA, to Chief BIM Strategist.
• QUATTROCCHI KWOK ARCHITECTS Rebuilding schools devastated by California wildfires.
• RATLIFF GROUP Expanded into country clubs, hotels, and light manufacturing facilities.
• RBB ARCHITECTS Developed proprietary BIM guidelines for hospital renovations.
• RDG PLANNING & DESIGN Using VR, rapid 3D prototyping.
• ROSS & BARUZZINI Aligning transportation, education, infrastructure, and healthcare services.
• SCHRADERGROUP Using BIM 360 in project partnerships.
• SHEPLEY BULFINCH Janette S. Blackburn made AIA Fellow. 
• S/L/A/M COLLABORATIVE Merged with Frank Webb Architects, Los Angeles.
• SMITHGROUP Using its Sensor Lab to enhance POE studies.
• STEVENS & WILKINSON Using VR to create 3D models.
• TEG ARCHITECTS Employing Oculus Go headsets for project interviews and initial design.
• THENDESIGN ARCHITECTURE Developed educational        visioning conceptual design process.
• TINKER MA Implemented BQE Core PM software.
• TREANORHL Started new TreanorHL Academy for staff education and development.
• TRIA Made new hires for S&T interior design team.
• TRINITY Holding two-day Lean 3P sessions with clients.
• URBAHN ARCHITECTS Increased staff training in Passive House design.
• VMDO ARCHITECTS Piloting WELL certification for projects at the UMiami and UVA.
• VOCON New LA office.
• WARE MALCOMB Educating clients on futureproofing.
• WATG Adopted VR and parametric modeling.
• ZGF ARCHITECTS Partnering with UWisconsin on smart flooring sensors.


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