2005 White Paper: Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability

Life cycle assessment, or LCA, is arguably today’s most talked-about topic in the green building movement. Download the white paper pdf below.

December 22, 2010 |


Why LCA?

By Rita Schenck, PhD

Life Cycle Assessment for Whole Buildings: Seeking the Holy Grail

By Nadav Malin

LCA Tools Around the World

By Wayne Trusty, MA, and Scot Horst

Can ISO Life Cycle Assessment Standards Provide Credibility for LCA?

By James A. Fava, PhD

Life Cycle Impact Assessment for the Building Design and Construction Industry

By Jane Bare and Thomas Gloria, PhD


The U.S. LCI Database Project and Its Role in Life Cycle Assessment

By Wayne Trusty, MA, and Michael Deru, PhD

The Role of Life Cycle Assessment in Sustainable Product Certification

By Kirsten Ritchie, PE

Applying a Life Cycle Perspective to Federal Construction Specifications

By Alison Kinn Bennett

LCA’s Role in the Manufacture of Construction Materials

By Stanley P. Graveline

USGBC’s ‘LCA into LEED’ Project

By Nigel Howard, C Chem FRSC, and Tom Dietsche

The eLCie System: A New Addition to the LCA Toolkit

By Deborah Dunning and Rob Watson

LCA and the Green Globes Environmental Assessment and Rating System for Commercial Structures

By Jiri Skopek, AA Dip., OAA, MCIP, RIBA

MasterFormat 04 and LCA

By Paul R. Bertram, Jr., FCSI, CDT, LEED AP

Integrating LCA into Green Building Design

By Shannon Lloyd, PhD, Anne Landfield, and Brian Glazebrook

LCA into the Future: Going Global, Getting Social

By Gregory A. Norris, PhD

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The Carpet & Rug Institute

Chemical Fabrics and Film Association—Vinyl Roofing Division

The Construction Specifications Institute

Duro-Last Roofing Inc.

Green Building Initiative

The Hardwood Council


North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute

Turner Construction Company

U.S. Department of Energy—Office of Building Technologies, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

U.S. General Services Administration—Public Buildings Service

The Vinyl Institute

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