101 Top Products: Glass+Glazing

Among the best glass+glazing products included in BD+C's inaugural Top 101 Products report are Guardian Industries SunGuard SNX 51/23, Modernfold’s Acousti-Clear, and SageGlass’s Electrochromic Glass.

December 12, 2016 |

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This entrance system comes equipped with floor-to-ceiling tempered glass support fins that can be applied to entrance heights up to 14 feet. The 14-inch glass fins are used in place of conventional metal mullions for added structural support; together with 15/8-inch-wide mounts, they enhance the all-glass aesthetic. The system offers the unique ability to support door handle hardware on one-inch insulating glass panels using proprietary through-glass fittings. A vertical stile width of 1 1/8- and 2 1⁄2-inch system depth produces what the maker claims is the thinnest profile in the industry. Can deliver U-factors as low as 0.33. 


2. SUNGUARD SNX 51/23 | Guardian Industries

The first commercial low-e glass with a visible light transmission above 50% and a solar heat gain coeffcient below 0.25, SunGuard SNX 51/23 is designed to meet the most stringent energy codes in North America without sacrificing appearance. Available on clear, green, UltraWhite, CrystalGray, gray, and TwilightGreen substrates, the product is a standard insulated glass unit that is neutral blue in appearance and features low reflectivity. 



Designed for mid-rise commercial and luxury multifamily projects, this system features a slab-to-slab aluminum frame design and shallow horizontal inside glazing, offering the aesthetics of a curtain wall system in a cost-efficient window wall. Its air and water performance is on par with many curtain wall systems. Options include slab edge covers for a seamless transition between floors. Integrates with balcony doors. 


4. ACOUSTI-CLEAR | Modernfold  

This glass wall system comes in three varieties: motorized, automatic, and demountable. Motorized has blinds that can be adjusted by a power switch. Automatic has mechanical seals at its top and bottom that push each panel forward with no cranks to turn. Demountable can be arranged and moved in any configuration. All three models have a 45 STC rating on glass partitions and a 50 STC on solid partitions, to provide a quiet workspace. 



The largest tested and approved fire-resistive glazing product on the market, SuperLite II-XLB provides a clear view area of 7,980 square inches, making it a fit for oversized and butt-glazed applications that demand vision and transparency. The tint-free glazing is available with Starphire Ultra-Clear Low-Iron glass and other custom decorative make-ups. It meets ASTM E-119 and CAN/ULC S101 with hose stream. It can be combined with GPX Architectural Series Framing for a compliant fire-resistive assembly. The glass is 2 1⁄2 inches thick and weighs 15 lb.



While the single-panel glass curtain wall in the lobby of Boston’s Museum of Science provided views of the Charles River basin, the light from a low-angle sun reflected deep into the museum, and guests did not appreciate the glare. SageGlass was viewed as the best solution. The electrochromic glass tints automatically during changing light conditions, so museum visitors can get glare-free views. Three horizontal zones in the curtain wall blend the daylight. The glass also blocks sunlight on hot days, reducing energy demand. 



This line of high-performance thermal framing offers enhanced insulation through improved thermal breaks and air baffles. The Therml=Block system has been designed for use as a complete package of entrance, storefront, and curtain wall products. Tubelite’s TU24000 storefront features a dual thermal break (pictured) that decreases U-factor by 36% and increases the Condensation Resistance Factor by 30%. A mechanical lock provides long-term resistance to shrinkage of the polyurethane barrier. 


8. BRUNKEBERG CURTAIN WALL SYSTEM | Brunkeberg Systems (Editor's Pick)

A novel approach to glass panel installation for mid- and high-rise buildings (recladding or new construction), the patented Brunkeberg System uses a series of vertical and horizontal rails to move and install pre-fabricated curtain wall panels, with minimal human intervention. The system doubles the speed of installation and requires one-third fewer workers. It frees up building site resources such as ground space and lifting equipment.


9. KERALITE GLASS | Vetrotech (Editor's Pick) 

This fire-rated glass ceramic product is available in extended-size sheets (between 47 1⁄4 and 95 9/16 inches) to increase the maximum height permissible for fire-rated windows. Among the industry’s largest fire rated sheets, Keralite opens up design and daylighting possibilities—including taller sidelights, large transoms, and oversized wall openings—for spaces that require stringent fire ratings.


10. THERMASHADE | YKK AP (Editor's Pick)

This sun control system from YKK AP is designed with a patented thermal barrier within the attachment anchor to minimize thermal bridging and maintain the glass wall U-factor performance. ThermaShade can be installed on curtain walls and storefront systems to provide a consistent appearance across the entire building envelope. Available with concealed or exposed anchors, in several louver styles (circle, square, winged, blade, and airfoil), and in multiple fascia options (square, rectangular, wedge, and circle).


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