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10 high-efficiency plumbing fixtures

10 high-efficiency plumbing fixtures

New products from Kohler, Zurn, Toto, and more

By BD+C Staff | May 9, 2013
high efficiency plumbing fixtures
High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures
This article first appeared in the BD+C May 2013 issue of BD+C.

From a "no sweat" toilet to a deep-well lavatory, here's a round up of the latest high-efficiency plumbing fixtures.









Kohler fixture

1. Touchless flushometer offers 30-year battery life

The typical touchless flushometer battery has a life expectancy of three to five years. Kohler’s new Hybrid Energy System extends flushometer battery performance by 25 years, reducing maintenance needs. The system features a hybrid, layered capacitor, which collects the small electrical discharges of the battery. When the flushometer is activated for use, power is drawn from the capacitor, allowing the cell to maintain its power storage.


American Standard Decorum

2. Compact urinal packs a water conservation punch

The Decorum urinal from American Standard features the company’s FloWise water-saving technology that uses only 0.5 gpf. Its permanent antimicrobial finish inhibits the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew on the surface, making it especially appropriate for commercial, institutional, and other high-use public installations. The unit is designed for use with manual or Selectronic hands-free flush valves.  
American Standard


Eljer Titan

3. ‘No sweat’ toilet controls condensation

Suitable for multifamily residences, retail stores, hotels, and light commercial applications, Eljer’s Titan Toilet with Moisture Guard has two features that minimize maintenance worries: an insulated tank that all but eliminates condensation, and the industry’s largest trapway (23/8 inches) and accelerator flush valve (4 inches) to give maximum, clog-resisting power to the flush. These technological improvements help the Titan attain the highest possible rating in the Maximum Performance (MaP) test: it is rated to flush 1,000 grams (2.2 pounds) of solid waste without clogging.


Zurn ZTR6203 Sensor Urinal

4. Sensor-activated valve delivers accurate flush rates

A common problem in commercial restrooms is accurately predicting water use. A fixture is rated for a certain performance level, yet in real-life applications it can end up consuming much more than the rated amount. This performance gap can occur for a number of reasons: sensor accuracy, maintenance problems, and user misuse. Zurn Industries’ ZTR6203 Sensor Flush Valve was designed to improve the performance of urinals by combining the company’s HydroVantage piston, which produces precise gallons per flush with each use, with its most reliable, accurate sensor, the EcoVantage Pint. ZTR top-mounted, battery-powered sensor flush valves are equipped with chloramines-resistant internal seals that reduce maintenance and add to the valve’s longevity.
Zurn Industries


Chicago Faucets

5. Pre-rinse spray valve takes care of any kitchen clean-up job

Designed to reduce water consumption and increase cleaning performance in commercial kitchens, the Triple Force pre-rinse spray valve (PDF) from Chicago Faucets features a patented multispray nozzle system that allows the user to quickly change spray patterns and flow rates to take care of almost any cleaning job, from baked-on sauce to stemware. The 15-degree fan spray setting has a flow rate of 0.99 gpm at 60 psi for general cleaning applications; a high-impact, solid-stream pattern can handle tougher jobs; and an ultra-low-flow spray provides gentle cleaning at a 0.91 gpm flow rate at 60 psi. The stainless steel valve comes with a rubber-bound spray head and rubber-coated ergonomic actuator handle.
Chicago Faucets



6. Heavy-duty flush valves are nearly maintenance free

Recommended for commercial applications regardless of water pressure variances and usage rates, Moen’s M-Dura heavy-duty manual flush valves come with the manufacturer’s AccuSet piston technology, which requires almost no maintenance or replacement parts for the life of the flush valve. Unlike diaphragm technology, which is used by most existing flush valves, AccuSet can successfully operate with pressure as low as 15 psi, so fluctuations are less likely to cause malfunctions that can lead to costly water waste and service repairs. The piston system features a self-cleaning filter that protects the piston seals against clogs and damage from line debris, allowing it to fully function even if the filter is up to 90% clogged. M-Dura’s cast-brass construction can withstand the harshest commercial and industrial environments.
Moen Commercial



7. Wall-mount faucet offers sleek aesthetic for high-end applications

Designed for restrooms in high-end commercial environments, including hotels, restaurants, resorts, and spas, Sloan’s BASYS Wall Mount sensor-activated faucets attach directly to the valve box in the wall, easing installation and ensuring a secure hold. The BASYS line offers interchangeable features and selectable operational modes, including three spray modules: a 0.5-gpm multi-laminar spray, a 1.5-gpm aerated spray, and a 1.5-gpm laminar spray. An LED indicates the health and status of key components and service requirements, such as the need for a battery change. All service is done from the top with no need to remove the spout from the wall.



8. Deep-well lavatory minimizes messes

The Terreon Deep Well Lavatory from Bradley is engineered to keep water in the well to protect against slip and falls, minimize messes, and conserve water in healthcare, lab, and sanitation environments. Made of a highly durable, solid-surface material composed of polyester resin, the fixture features a 10-inch-deep well, extra height splashes, and sloped surfaces to ensure that water stays in the lavatory and quickly drains. The Terreon can be equipped with factory-supplied drillings or deck-mounted faucets.
Bradley Corporation



9. Raincan showerheads improve water efficiency by 20%

Incorporating Delta’s H2Okinetic Technology, the manufacturer’s Raincan showerheads provide 2.0 gpm performance with the feel of an enhanced flow of the industry-standard 2.5 gpm. H2Okinetic uses larger droplets that retain their heat longer and a denser spray pattern to create a drenching sensation. The showerheads are available in chrome, Brilliance stainless, Venetian bronze, and Champagne bronze finishes.



10. Storm-inspired toilet flushes with just a gallon of water

Utilizing Toto’s patented Double Cyclone flushing technology, the Drake II 1G high-efficiency toilet removes solid, liquid, and even paper waste with one gallon per flush. In lieu of rim holes, the toilet uses two water jets positioned on each side of the bowl’s interior to deliver powerful swirls of water that flush contents and thoroughly cleanse the bowl. The system is gravity based, so it is much quieter than pressure-assist technology. Its SanaGloss coating creates a slippery, nonporous surface that repels waste matter and bacteria.

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