Wearable job site management system allows contractors to handle deficiencies with subtle hand and finger gestures [BD+C's 2014 Great Solutions Report]

Technology combines a smartglass visual device with a motion-sensing armband to simplify field management work.

December 29, 2014 |
Photo courtesy ARC Media, Bridgit

Bridgit, a Canadian startup company devoted to improving efficiency in the construction industry, recently launched Groundbreaker. The interactive application combines the smartglass app for Bridgit’s flagship Closeout software, which manages deficiencies in construction projects, with Thalmic Labs’ Myo armband, which can recognize subtle hand and finger gestures. 

Mallorie Brodie, Co-founder of the Kitchener, Ont., software developer, says that she and her Co-founder, Lauren Hasegawa, conferred with 500 stakeholders before deciding on the hands-free solution. “We were not convinced that smartglass technology alone was a practical solution, especially if it required audio commands on noisy job sites,” she says.

Combining the smartglass visual device with the motion-sensing armband means users don’t have to fiddle with their smartphones to shoot a photo of a defect in a wall system. Nor do they have to rely on using voice commands, which can slow down information retrieval in the field. They can just point and click, and the data or image can be transferred instantly to the correct person on site who can fix the problem.

Groundbreaker retails for $1,499. Here’s a short video demonstration of how it works.

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