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Virginia is the first state to adopt COVID-19 worker safety rules

Include social distancing requirements, notifications when co-worker tests positive, timelines to return to work after recovery.

August 04, 2020 |

Courtesy Pixabay

Virginia recently became the first state to pass temporary new workplace safety rules to protect employees from the coronavirus.

The rules include social distancing requirements, notifications for employees when a co-worker tests positive for the virus, and timelines for when employees who recover can return to work. Some business groups said the rules will add unfair burdens on businesses already struggling with the pandemic’s economic repercussions.

The new rules also mandate regular cleanings of high-contact surfaces and require all businesses to impose social distancing measures. Employees who interact with customers or who cannot maintain social distancing with others must wear masks.

Employers must provide easy access to hand sanitizer or a hand washing station.

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