Suit charges USGBC with fraud, false advertising, RICO violations, seeks class-action status

October 18, 2010

Henry Gifford, a Manhattan building energy consultant and outspoken critic of LEED, has filed suit against the USGBC seeking class action status and alleging fraud, false advertising, antitrust, and RICO violations. Gifford claims the USGBC has duped the public by claiming its LEED rating system makes buildings save energy and that the LEED Accredited Professional credential is worthless. The USGBC says it does not comment on pending lawsuits.


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Way to go Mr. Gifford and T Mehan for your support as well! The only thing "Green" about the USGBC is the dollars they (and my fellow consultants) are leaching from building owners to get a certificate that means NOTHING! However, I must give the USGBC credit for coming up with the money making scheme in the first place and marketing the hype to get enough people to "buy in" to the whole scam (actually I'm jealous I didn't come up with it myself!). They've even been business savy enough to change their program to generate even MORE revenue for themselves. In lieu of scrapping the program, building owners just need to ignore it and forget about spending tens of thousands on a $5 plaque. Ask your consultants what you can do to exceed current energy codes for efficiency and specify enviromentally "friendly" products (within your budget). You'll find that if you place that money into your building budget in lieu of the USGBC's pockets, you'll be much farther ahead....


Thank You Mr Gifford. Since its inception, the LEED program was about anything and everything with energy tacked on just for good measure. I hope the suit is successful so the business of building energy efficient buildings can move forward in a substantive way. The best way to do this is scrap this phony program.