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Living Future Institute launches Biophilic Design Initiative

Goal is to transfer biophilic design theory to real-world applications.

March 15, 2016 |
ILFI launches Biophilic Design Initiative

Photo: Lex McKee/Creative Commons

The International Living Future Institute has launched the Biophilic Design Initiative to help the design community take biophilic design from theory to reality.

“While progress has been made to communicate what Biophilic Design is and to demonstrate why it is crucial to a Living Future, very little has been made around the process of how to achieve it,” ILFI says in a press release. “The International Living Future Institute has brought together leading experts in the field to form an Advisory Task Force that will lead the initiative through collaboration and inclusion of existing resources.”

The task force aims to develop:

  • A place to file, archive, and offer resources for public and network access
  • A resource for ideas, resources, events and collaborative opportunities, connecting nodes around the country and world. 
  • Connections for project teams with biophilic design practitioners and resources; to connect design practitioners with research scientists; and to compile science research databank.
  • Links between design practitioners and scientists for solving design challenges and conducting more in-field research.
  • Networking and collaborative opportunities.
  • Collaboration efforts on projects and at events/conferences.
  • Draft of a biophilic design implementation and documentation process for the Living Building Challenge.
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