Ferrara Candy Company gets new HQ space in Chicago’s Old Post Office building

NELSON Worldwide designed the project.

October 23, 2019 |

All photos: Farm Kid Studios

Ferrara Candy Company’s new headquarters space in Chicago’s Old Post Office building was designed to accommodate the company’s growth and flexibility and provide more meeting and conference spaces to encourage collaboration and information sharing.

The office’s floor plan is laid out with a singular path to create a feeling of connectedness between the divided “neighborhoods.” Each neighborhood is equipped with small- and large-scale conference rooms, huddle rooms, and open collaboration spaces. Workstations are scattered throughout to provide employees better access to each other and to natural light.


Ferrara Candy headquarters


Industrial metal frames are used as space dividers and are infilled with whiteboards and felt panels that serve as tools to encourage brainstorming and innovation. Exposed sightlines encourage a more open and transparent culture, while huddle rooms and private offices give options for privacy and concentration. A cafe space can be transformed throughout the day from a coffee bar and informal meeting area to a happy hour or event venue after hours.


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The design takes care to maintain the historic Old Post Office building’s industrial nature by accentuating the 18-foot-tall ceilings, two vintage mail chutes, and two package scales.


Ferrara Candy headquarters boardroom

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