EarthCam Headquarters features a 25-foot-tall video portal entrance

Watch a time-lapse of the HQ being built from groundbreaking to grand opening.

May 31, 2018 |
Exterior of EarthCampus HQ

Courtesy EarthCam

EarthCam went a little meta recently. The company that provides time lapse videos of buildings being constructed all over the world, has provided a time lapse video of its own headquarters building, EarthCampus, being constructed in New Jersey.

Davis Brody Bond in collaboration with Spacesmith designed the space from an old factory with the goal of boosting employee health and collaboration. The architect used stabilized aluminum foam and exposed the organic nature of the translucent panels to create a high-tech glow on the exterior of the building. The façade, which is made from recycled materials, also acts as a sunshield for reduced energy consumption during the day. At night, hundreds of thousands of small openings are backlit by 3,500 custom-manufactured LED lights.

The most striking feature of the new headquarters, however, is the sloping 25-foot-tall video portal that greets employees and visitors upon entry in an almost three-story glass curtain wall atrium. The video portal takes EarthCam’s live video content and turns it into a digital art display. A six-ton blackened steel tunnel serves as a transitional gateway through the video portal into EarthCam’s offices.


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Images from EarthCam’s cameras are used to reinforce the brand in the office space, as well. Custom-printed wallpaper features thousands of images from these cameras to create visual documentation of the company’s 22-year history. The workspace also features floor-to-ceiling windows and a unique 180-foot-long serpentine style desk that joins the programming lab and the creative studio.

EarthCampus’s landscaping features meditation areas, walking paths, bike trails, and the EarthCam Arboretum with over 50 species of flora, all designed by landscape architect James Rose.

Below you can watch a time-lapse created from video captured by over 40 different time-lapse cameras stretching from the groundbreaking ceremony on Sept. 29, 2015 to the grand opening party.


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