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Why you should start with a builder

February 13, 2014

They say the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Expanding your building or constructing a new structure for your business, church, or school isn’t all that different. Attacking it is best done in small, deliberate pieces. 

But what they never explain in that piece of advice is, “Where should I take the first bite?”

I have no idea when it comes to elephants. In the case of a building, however, there is one tried and true answer: you start with the builder.

The right builder will be your biggest champion for a solid structure that meets your needs and your budget. They’ll be your advocate. In fact, by the time the project is over, they may end up being your best friend.

Here are a few pointers to help you find the best possible match.

Years in business
Most people worry about getting taken advantage of by a builder. That is not the case with long-term, established builders. Many are second- or third-generation companies. They are not in business to take advantage of people. Be more concerned about the builders who show up overnight on the internet than the builders with a 40-year established business.

Oftentimes, a builder marketing a low price per square foot may catch your attention when you’re researching online. In reality, however, it may just be a hook to simply get you in the door where they’ll slowly raise the price. You are better off studying that builder’s projects and talking to previous customers.

A good builder will be a good manager of their own business. Ask their suppliers and subcontractors how they are to work with. What is their reputation within the industry? Do they pay their bills on time? If they can manage their own business requirements, they are likely qualified to help you manage your building project.

Many builders specialize in one particular type of construction, such as agricultural, commercial or community projects. Others are generalists. Find out about that builder’s previous projects to help determine if they will best serve your needs.

In the end, the most important question to answer in getting started is, “Do I feel comfortable with this builder”? The right builder will be your partner in the project and an invaluable expert in managing all the details required.

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