A total of 13 projects recognized as part of BD+C's 28th Annual Reconstruction Awards.

November 10, 2011

Hiawatha Maintenance FacilityGOLD AWARD
Hiawatha Maintenance Facility, Minneapolis, Minn.

Minneapolis Public Works has been located along Hiawatha Avenue and 26th Street since 1914. Over the years, 18 buildings, including the original warehouse and garage and some ramshackle sheds, were scattered on 10 acres directly across from a politically active residential neighborhood and within sight of a major thoroughfare to downtown. The site was a loud, smelly eyesore.

The Building Team, led by local firm RSP Architects (with structural engineer Palanisami and Associates, ME engineer Paulson & Clark Engineering, and general contractor Knutson Construction) redefined the entire site. Creative new uses for historic elements—metal beams, old switchboards, crane rails, even pieces of a demolished bridge—found their way into the final work. New construction added needed space without inflating the mass of the original structure. A circulation spine of clear glass curtain wall now brings natural light deep into the facility. The building displays bold gestures and industrial materials on the side facing the highway, yet respects the scale and cadence of its residential neighbors via the historic brick structure.

Hiawatha OldClick here for a list of Products and Materials used, exclusive images of the Hiawatha Maintenance Facility, and a UPDATED profile of the facility, which appeared in the March issue of Building Design + Construction

The result—33,000 sf of office space, a 28,000-sf maintenance bay, and 20,500 sf of storage—is, according to the designers, purposely not precious. Rather, it is a “tough facility” designed to maximize efficient, responsive work, employee comfort, and sustainability. It is the first city-owned facility in Minneapolis and the first such public works maintenance facility in the country to reach LEED Platinum status.

“They did a standup job of preserving the building’s function,” said Reconstruction Awards Judge Tom Brooks.


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