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Universal teams up with Earthbound Corp. to provide streamlined commercial framing solutions

October 25, 2011 |

UFP Western Division, Inc. has teamed up with Earthbound Corporation, a Gebrueder-Thiele company, to provide stronger, cost effective solutions for framing slab-on-grade light commercial structures using the Intact Structural Frame system.

The Intact Structural Frame is a marriage of engineered wood and state of the art anchor technology that forms a complete structural frame and provides a stronger, more cost-effective solution for framing slab-on-grade light commercial structures. The system anchors the structure into the foundation, creating a continuous load path around its perimeter. By anchoring from the roof system to the foundation, uplift and overturning are resisted both during seismic events and extreme wind conditions like tornados and hurricanes. This system also uses a self-actuating, shrinkage-compensation device that tightens connections as the foundation settles. During an extreme wind or seismic event, the system will help prevent the building from gaining the momentum that can lead to collapse and destruction.

This patent-pending building system has cost- and time-savings benefits of wood construction, while rivaling concrete and steel in its ability to withstand high load criteria (snow, wind, seismic).

The primary market for the Intact Structural Frame is light commercial buildings that are typically designed with concrete masonry walls, steel joists and steel decks. This system is for light commercial structures such as restaurants and retail outlets as well as strip-mall stores. Intact Structural Frame components can be used in virtually any light commercial building application that employs steel or concrete masonry in its structure. BD+C

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