Shafer Vineyards

May 16, 2011

The Shafer Winery is situated in the Stag’s Leap area in Napa Valley California. The challenge was to create a VIP tasting room that still allowed guests to enjoy the magnificent scenery, including rolling hills and acres of vineyard while visiting the Shafer Vineyards for a tour and private tasting. The client also wanted to have a seamless transition between the indoor area and their large outdoor terrace overlooking Napa Valley.



Project: Shafer Winery in Napa Valley California

Client: Doug Shafer, President of Shafer Vineyards

Architect: Ron M. Nunn & Associates, St. Helena, California

Design Objectives:

- Create a large inviting entrance

- Invite the indoors in

- Enhance beautiful views

- Enjoy natural lighting

- Expand the space

- Use clean design lines

Solution: The architect chose to use NanaWall for two openings of the VIP tasting room. NanaWall is a flexible, reliable and practical solution. When closed during inclement weather, the glass panels allow natural sunlight into the room and capture the magical views over the vineyards and across the valley. The panels can easily be partially or fully opened to bring the outdoors in and create a large entrance to access the magnificent outdoor terrace. It connects the inside to the outside not only visually, but physically as well. Visitors at the Shafer Winery can taste wines in a room that overlooks the vineyard and Napa Valley, enjoying beautiful scenery, sunlight and during spring, summer and fall, the natural breezes from outdoors. The NanaWalls also extend the area of the VIP tasting room onto the terrace, expanding the space and imparting a sense of spaciousness to the room. The NanaWalls seamlessly integrate the indoor room with the outdoor area, opening up the Shafer Winery to the vistas.

“NanaWalls bring our beautiful view to life. On warm, sunny Napa Valley days we can open our glass walls and guests can enjoy their wine while drinking in the scents and sights of our surrounding vineyards.”— Doug Shafer.

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Sound like an ad for Nano

Sound like an ad for Nano wall. Nothing about the wine or vineyard express.

Shafer vineyard design

What an inviting article to read on Monday (2011MAY23 in this case) and what a coincidence that I was reading a book this weekend titled "The California vs Paris Winetasting 1976 Title Taste". Where in the book it goes back to the years of UC Davis and all the major players of Napa Valley between 1945 to 1976 and how the region "developed" into a heritage for not only grapes but vinters and the vineyards. So as an architect myself in Texas, I see Ron Nunn has done a marvelous design for a winery that is not listed in that book, thus now expanding my repertoire of vineyards and settings for taking in wine. Thanks for the article in BD+C. aloha, Dean Tidwell AIA

I've often wondered - when

I've often wondered - when the Nana Wall is open, what keeps the insects from coming in? Ordinarily, we rely on screens but the Nana wall doesn't appear to have a screen. Do you then need some sort of air curtain to blow them away? You certainly don't want to invite bees, mosquitoes and the like into your home or fancy hotel!