February 01, 2001 |

Hotel Sofitel New York

New York City

Building team

Owner: Normandie, UC/Accor North America

Architect: Brennan Beer Gorman Architects

Interior architect: Pierre-Yves Rochon

Structural engineer: DeSimone Consulting Engineers, PLLC

Mechanical/electrical engineer: Consentini Associates

Development manager: Constructa Inc.

Construction manager: Bovis Lend Lease LMB Inc.

General information

Area: 294,000 gross square feet

Number of floors: 31

Construction time: August 1998 to July 2000

Construction cost: $91.4 million

Delivery method: Construction management

Project suppliers

Reinforced concrete: Sorbara Construction Ltd.

Curtain wall: LBL Skysystems

Exterior glazing: LBL Skysystems, Guardian Glass

Architectural precast-concrete panels: Saramac Inc.

EIFS: Dryvit Systems Inc.

Stone exterior and interior: Santucci Armando S.r.l.

Windows: LBL Skysystems

Roof system: American Hydrotech

Roof insulation: Dow

Elevators: Otis Elevator Co.

Heating: Con Edison Steam

Chillers and fan coil units: Trane

Energy-management controls: Trane

Plumbing fixtures: American Standard

Doors: Petersen Geller Spurge

Door hardware: Yale


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