Fully customizable, sustainable bike shelters

Made with polycarbonate panels to provide UV protection, Duo-Gard’s new line of bike shelters is available in standard or custom styles and sizes. Shelters can be customized to any design scheme, with options for open, attached or full-enclosed structure and multiple color choices for framing and glazing. Additional options include lean rails, seating, and Duo-Gard 3S Solar Block coating to reduce heat loads. The structures are made with up to 20% recycled material and are fully recyclable. Duo-Gard


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"Sustainable" Bike Shelters

Apart from dubious applicability of the "S" word, for LEED rating purposes an "at least" figure would be far more useful than an "up to" figure which, going by the standards of broadband providers' ads, might be as low as 1%.