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Product roundup: 12 daylighting technologies

Phatom 5000 from Tubelite, SolaMaster 300 from Solatube, and Fallbrook XL Series from C.R. Laurence are just three of the 12 products highlighted in BD+C's January Product Roundup.

January 17, 2018 |


1. Phantom 5000


This line of zero-sightline awning and casement windows features a concealed aluminum frame design that is virtually invisible from a building’s exterior, providing a consistent appearance of fixed lites. Designed for mid-rise commercial and multifamily projects, where natural ventilation and daylight are a premium. Hinge options allow opening from the bottom or side of the window. Screens are available with frames to match the window.


2. Sungate 700

Vitro Architectural Glass

This dual-utility low-e glass can be used as a traditional passive solar low-e coating on surface No. 3 of a double-pane insulated glass unit, or as a room-side coating on surface No. 4, behind a solar control low-e coating on surface No. 2, for enhanced U-value. This means specifiers can meet stricter center-of-glass demands for U-values (as required in northern climates) without upgrading to triple-glazed IGUs.


3. Clearvision

AGC Glass

Low-iron glass delivers 92% light transmission—among the highest in the market—while remaining neutral in color. Available in laminated, heat-treated, bent, silk-screened, or insulated configurations. Clearvision can be specified for interior and exterior applications. The Cradle to Cradle-certified glass comes in a range of thicknesses, from 3mm to 12mm, and in custom thicknesses such as 15mm and 19mm.


4. Enhanced VRE and VE Coatings


This line of glass coatings has been enhanced to improve the solar heat gain coefficient by 13% to 22% in a dual-pane insulating glass unit on clear glass, over standard VRE and VE coatings. The Enhanced Series offers improved solar control while maintaining the color-neutral aesthetics of the VRE and VE coatings. Can be applied to a variety of tinted substrates to alter the exterior aesthetics.


5. Sunbrella Clarity


Designed for applications where awnings are difficult or time-consuming to clean and maintain, this self-cleaning fabric features a durable polyurethane coating that breaks down dirt and organic material so they can be quickly washed away with water. The coating will wet out the surface rather than bead up, which  eliminates streaking. Clarity is available in a wide range of fabric colors and patterns.


6. Oversized Direct Set Windows

Weather Shield

To meet the growing demand for larger unobstructed views, Weather Shield has expanded the size offering of its Oversized Direct Set Windows from 60 sf to 70 sf. The floor-to-ceiling windows feature slim-line direct-glaze rectangular frames that maximize the viewing area. Available in 12 standard colors, 45 designer colors, four metallic finishes, and eight anodized exterior aluminum finishes.


7. Ultraclear low-iron glass

Guardian Glass

This low-iron glass line is designed for interior applications where high levels of light transmittance and clarity are desired, such as frameless enclosures, wall assemblies, railings, shower doors, and office partitions. Available in thicknesses from 2mm to 12mm, and in sizes up to 130x204 inches. UltraClear greatly reduces the green tint found in standard glass for clean lines and true colors.


8. Force Anti-slip glass

Walker Glass

New anti-slip, acid-etched glass offers a clean, pattern-free aesthetic for glass stairs and walkway applications. Even without a pattern, the glass has a good coefficient of friction (between 0.56 and 0.67 in ANSI testing), while maximizing light flow through the glass (light transmittance for 6mm acid-etched clear glass is 88% to 91%). Also offers excellent wear resistance properties, according to the maker.


9. Angeld-window shading system

Draper inc.

Looking for a shading solution for the unique angled-window design scheme at the University of Chicago Lab School building, the project team turned to Draper Inc.’s Solar Control Solutions division to create a custom motorized shade system on tracks. The shades are operated via a wall switch and feature Mermet E Screen Charcoal/Gray with a 3% openness factor. No two shades are alike.


10. Fallbrook xl series

C.R. Laurence

Office partition system incorporates a one-inch insulating glass unit for improved acoustical privacy. Its ultra-thin aluminum door frame and low-profile sidelite channels create a contemporary, all-glass aesthetic for interior workspaces. Concealed fasteners enhance the streamlined appearance. The front-load, dry-glazed system allows for easy glass installation and replacement.


11. WhisperShade DC


This motorized shade system mounts on a sound-dampening bracket that provides quiet operation (38 dBA) and among the industry’s largest lift capacities in its class, supporting large or multi-banded shades. Offers customizable preset shade positions and variable-speed control with soft start and stop. Features built-in obstacle detection when raising. Is easily networked for scalability and reconfigurable control.


12. Solamaster 300


Tubular daylighting device works with new construction or retrofit projects with no structural modifications needed with 16-inch on center framing. Designed for use with lower ceiling spaces and suspended ceiling systems with a 2x2-foot grid. Features Spectralight Infinity with SoftLight Technology, which improves visual comfort in bright, sunny conditions by manipulating the beam of light coming down the tube.


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