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606: Height in meters of the planned $773 million Wuhan Greenland Centre, in China, being developed by Greenland Group, Shanghai.

By the Numbers BDC December 2011
606: Height in meters of the planned $773 million Wuhan Greenland Centre, in China, being developed by Greenland Group, Shanghai.
December 21, 2011

Number of pounds per square foot of 11/2-inch-diameter stone ballast needed to cover a roof membrane in order to mitigate the same-or greater-heat transfer into a building when compared to a white reflective or light-colored membrane. The mass of stones acts as a heat sink, reducing membrane temperatures and delaying heat flow into the building until the cooler evening hours. ASHRAE standards are undergoing revisions to include ballasted systems as a cool roof option. Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Each $1 million in new construction spending supports 28.5 full-time, year-round-equivalent jobs, according to a study by George Mason University economist Stephen J. Fuller. Source: George Mason University

The Workplace of the Future survey, administered to approximately 30 leading U.S. companies and design firms by international office furniture designer and manufacturer Teknion, revealed that nearly 77% plan to provide more open, collaborative workspaces with fewer individual offices by 2015. The survey also found the standard square footage allocated per employee is expected to drop from 200 to estimates ranging from 50 to 100 sf per person, depending upon the industry sector. Source:

The number of points the AIA Billings Index nearly climbed in October. The index score for October was 49.4, following a score of 46.9 in September. This score reflects an overall decrease in the demand for design services-any score above 50 indicates an increase in billings. The new projects index was 57.3, from a reading of 54.3 the previous month. Source:

Total cost in dollars for the Boundary Dam Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration project in Saskatchewan. It is among the first commercial-scale carbon capture and storage facilities in the world and is expected to produce reliable, clean energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by one million tons per year. Source:

Percentage of total repair costs related to nonstructural damage following several recent earthquakes. Buildings were left unusable for long periods of time because of severe damage to mechanical, architectural, electrical, and plumbing systems. Only 15-25% of original construction costs are for the structure. Source: Earthquake Engineering Research Institute

According to UCLA and USC research teams, a robust rooftop solar power energy program could create $2 billion in local investment and 16,000 job-years, with a minimal impact on ratepayers. Approximately 2,200 people are trained each year in Los Angeles County alone for jobs in solar panel installation, design, sales, and other solar-related areas. Source: Los Angeles Business Council

Height in feet of berms placed around Clarks Companies new 450,000 sf logistics center in Hanover, Pa. The berms were constructed to improve the aesthetic appeal of the 70-foot-tall building as well as to reduce the apparent height of the structure. Source: Gray Construction

Percentage of total staff with LEED AP accreditation at Perkins+Will, making it first among the top 25 Design Firms for percentage of LEED APs as a share of total staff in BD+C's 2011 Giants 300 rankings. Source:

Height in meters of the planned $773 million Wuhan Greenland Centre, in China, being developed by Greenland Group, Shanghai. The 300,000-sm tower, designed by Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture, Chicago, would be the third-tallest building in China and fourth-tallest in the world upon completion. In addition to office space, the project will house a five-star hotel, a private club, and luxury apartments. Source: BD+C


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