New bathroom lock incorporates occupancy alert light

The lock and light combination allows people to if a bathroom is occupied from up to 200 feet away.

May 04, 2017 |

A new bathroom lock with an indicator light looks to take the guesswork out of determining when a single stall public restroom is open. Heads Up Lock has created a lock with an integrated wireless light that visibly shows whether or not the bathroom is occupied.

The indicator light will show white when the bathroom is vacant and red when it is occupied. The light can be seen from up to 200 feet away and has been designed with the purpose of eliminating wait lines and increasing traffic flow in public venues. The low maintenance lock is patented and affordable and can be installed in existing single stall restrooms.

The restroom notification kit includes the following:

  • Machined deadbolt with indicator
  • Electronic deadbolt receiver box
  • Electronic transmitter box
  • Electronic receiver light and sign assembly
  • All required wiring
  • Detailed set of instructions
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