L.A. Approves Outline of Downtown Football Stadium

L.A. approves outline of downtown football stadium.
August 10, 2011

In the most significant step toward bringing NFL football back to Los Angeles since the city lost out on an expansion team more than a decade ago, the City Council on Tuesday approved the outlines of a $1.5-billion deal to develop a new downtown stadium and major wing of the Convention Center.

The unanimous vote gave city leaders a rare chance to seize on a major economic development after years of slashing payrolls, scaling back services and watching helplessly as the real estate market dried up. And it came at a time when business leaders and trade unions are desperately seeking ways to jump-start a local economy plagued by double-digit unemployment.

"It is a very important project at a very tenuous economic time," said Carol Schatz, executive director of the Central City Assn., a downtown business group and a leading backer of the project.

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