Greening the campus: Sustainability Beyond Single Buildings

March 01, 2011

Over the last decade, hundreds of colleges and universities have built individual LEED-certified facilities, all the way up to LEED Platinum. Now, leading universities are looking at ways to implement sustainability across the entire campus.

In this AIA/CES-approved webcast, a distinguished panel of experts discuss this more holistic approach to campus sustainability. And they provide insight on how AEC firms can compete more effectively for projects under this new capital planning paradigm.

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Greening the campus

A building can't be "green" if the only way to get to it is in a massive bus (which fills only in ugly weather), or after long walk terminating in a perilous trip through a large parking lot -- full of student drivers desperately looking for an open spot before they are late to class.. A green campus is compact and free of vehicles. Cars are left at the perimeter -- in multiple parking garages so that commuters don't drive extra to park. Golf cart like shuttles ferry the handicapped and those too fat to walk a little to class. Bicyclists ride into campus without stopping at lights or mixing with automotive traffic. Students man bicycle garages so that bikes don't get sun damaged, stolen or rust in the rain. The U-bolt ritual is relegated to shopping trips off campus. Passages between buildings are protected from inclement weather including the scorching sun. Indirect natural light makes reading easy on the eyes in open air daytime study areas. Heating and cooling is predominantly passive through management of ventilation, shade and solar heating.



Very informational.

Very informational.

I am an architect managing

I am an architect managing construction projects at Florida State University. It was interesting to see different approaches to some of the same issues we deal with everyday in our office---keeps us thinking more creatively.

Greening the Campus

Great program, but how as a GC do you get the Colleges or University away from Hard Bid and breate the Team Work to properly work these types of projects?

Excellent summary of what

Excellent summary of what campuses are and can do.