Green Building - Lessons From Abroad

August 11, 2010



Sustainable Design: What Do Europeans Know That We Don't Know (But Should)?
Green building consultant and writer Jerry Yudelson talks about sustainable design innovations in Europe based on his extensive research of Western European architects, engineers, and builders.
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Atelier ten: Learning From the White Ant

Patrick Bellew and his team of environmental engineers at Atelier ten find inspiration and innovation in a most unusual place—a termite’s nest.
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Hopkins Architects: Ceilings That Do Double Duty

By combining the virtues of underfloor air distribution and exposed overhead thermal mass, Mike Taylor and his fellow designers at Hopkins Architects are rethinking the role of ceilings.
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Ingenhoven Architects: Seeking Optimal Balance

German architect Christoph Ingenhoven discusses his guiding design philosophy—Nachhaltigkeit—and how his firm is creating buildings that breathe naturally without wasting energy.
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Transsolar Climate Engineering: Moderating The Design Process

German engineers Matthias Schuler and Thomas Auer of Transsolar Climate Engineering talk about double-skin facades, passive climate control, and their firm's vital role as moderator between architects and engineers on über-green projects like Manitoba Hydro Place (pictured).
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