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EYP Energy and The Weidt Group merge

February 13, 2013 |

February 13, 2013 – EYP Energy, a division of EYP, Inc., today announced a strategic merger with The Weidt Group, one of the nation's premiere building energy consulting firms, currently headquartered in Minnesota. The merger will expand upon EYP Energy’s 30 years of experience and diversified platform of energy related services. With staff members in four offices in Minnesota, Colorado, Iowa, and Wisconsin, The Weidt Group will further elevate EYP Energy’s portfolio, while continuing to offer services to their client networks under their well-respected brand name.

An internationally recognized energy and software consulting firm, The Weidt Group brings proprietary energy software modeling tools, energy benchmarking, and software development capabilities to complement EYP Energy’s analysis, implementation, and commissioning expertise.The Weidt Group partners with design teams, building owners, manufacturers, utility companies, and state and local governments on the design and operation of high-performance buildings. It also provides energy design assistance and measurement & verification services for institutional and commercial clients, as well as energy benchmarks for improving the ongoing performance of existing buildings. Additionally, The Weidt Group is a current market leader in energy efficiency software design, creating sophisticated energy information delivery tools that convert data into knowledge, based on modeled, measured, and tracked building performance. On a yearly basis, The Weidt Group has helped reduce air pollution by nearly 1000 kilotons while saving building owners and operators over $94 million annually.

"Energy efficiency represents a core growth market for EYP Energy, and The Weidt Group is the nation’s top provider of consulting services for that market," commented EYP President and CEO Tom Birdsey, AIA, LEED AP. "They bring tremendous expertise to the table, particularly in predicting and monitoring energy performance of complex building design and construction projects. The Weidt Group’s powerful B3 Benchmarking software is a game changer and an industry first, providing clients the key to unlocking energy design and savings to give them the valuable information they need to significantly reduce their overall energy usage.” He added, “Merging with The Weidt Group serves as a catalyst for the transformation of our growing energy group, ultimately strengthening our long-standing commitment to the intelligent use of buildings.”

Tom McDougall, President of The Weidt Group said, "Clients don't hire firms; they hire experts. Both EYP Energy and The Weidt Group employ many of the nation’s most respected professionals. Working together, the possibilities are endless." He added, “The Weidt Group staff consists of highly skilled analysts with broad technical expertise and management experience. We look forward to combining our expertise with that of EYP Energy to contribute to the future growth of our energy efficiency business. Our entire senior leadership is excited about this transition, and look forward to serving as an active part of the firm moving forward.”

Founded in 1977, The Weidt Group was established to account for and manage the environmental impacts of building design and construction. By 1985, The Weidt Group began to emerge as a pioneering software design firm creating tools for architects, engineers, utilities and manufacturers. Weidt is a market leader in object-oriented software—creating virtual products to model and manage complexities of the real world. For more information about The Weidt Group, visit

EYP Energy is a divisionof EYP, Inc., that delivers comprehensive energy and sustainability services. EYP, Inc. is a global provider of comprehensive building and design related consulting services to a broad range of markets, including education, government, healthcare, and corporate. With employees located across the country in twelve offices, it is a recognized leader in all of the key markets that it serves. Prominently ranked on numerous industry “best of” lists, EYP successfully delivers expertise-driven services to clients around the world.

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