Engineering Courses

August 11, 2010

BD&C's Educational Partner
Engineering Courses
Toxic Mold Detection, Prevention, & Remediation (4 hours) [G] Title III: Public Accommodations & Complying with the ADA (4 hours)[G]
Retaining Wall Design - Part 1 (2 hours)[S] Project Management: Professional Techniques (2 hours)[G]
Prestressed Concrete II - Structural Design (2 Hours) [S] Prestressed Concrete - An Introduction (2 hours)[B]
Ethical Decision Making for Engineers (2 hours)[B] Basic Wind Loads: ASCE 7-02 Revealed, Part 1 (2 hours)[S]
A Comparison of Seismic Design Methods (1 hour)[G] Structural Analysis II: Analysis of Determinate Structures (1 hour) [S] AIA HSW
Structural Analysis I: An Introduction (1 hour)[B] AIA HSW  

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