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CannonDesign releases infographic to better help universities obtain more R&D funding

CannonDesign releases infographic to better help universities obtain more R&D funding.

September 01, 2016 |

Pixabay Public Domain

Funding challenges are a major concern for many institutions around the United States. Institutions are tasked with securing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in grants each year to continue their important R&D work.  

“We realized during our research that there were two roadblocks for universities when applying for grants,” said Stephen Blair, CannonDesign’s Executive Director of Science and Technology. “The first roadblock was that universities sometimes overlook grants offered through different federal agencies.” 14 federal agencies support R&D funding through facilities construction, renovation, and major capital equipment. Among these agencies are some not commonly known for grant funding, including the Department of Agriculture and NASA.

“The second roadblock for many universities is navigating the design requirements necessary to prove their facility will remain viable to conduct the research within,” said Blair. “I’ve seen universities try and use their undergraduate architect students to design a preliminary facilities plan, and this never turns out well.”

For construction, renovation, and equipment grant applications, the requirements include engineering criteria, architectural criteria, line drawings, timelines, construction documents, equipment plans, operating budgets, and more. With hundreds of institutions competing for a limited amount of funding, the way you present the facility design plays a pivotal role in setting the top applications apart from the rest.

CannonDesign has created an infographic of their research findings including the top grants and their issuing agencies as well as more information about the design requirements necessary for a successful application.

For the full infographic, fill out the necessary form on the CannonDesign website.



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