Budgets set for federal buildings

August 11, 2010

Following an extended lame duck session, Congress sent to the White House just before Christmas four appropriations bills with funding for federal construction-related activities. Both General Services Administration construction accounts were increased: federal building construction will receive $472 million, up $397 million from the preceding year, and $671 million will be allocated for repairs and alterations, an increase of $72 million.

Also approved was a healthy $1.2 billion in direct grants for school repair and renovation, as was expected.

The Bureau of Prisons was allocated $836 million, up from $557 million. The airport improvement program will receive $3.2 billion, a $1.25 billion hike.

An appropriation of $276 million, available on Oct. 1, was approved for the construction of courthouses in Miami; Springfield, Mass.; Buffalo, N.Y.; and an annex in Washington, D.C.


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