Cozy hideouts support an emerging work mode that's proving critical to helping workers recharge their batteries. Image © Garrett Rowland. Click here to enlarge

Workspaces are geared toward socializing and collaboration, but people need quiet, calm places where they can sit alone...
Managing risk when building in challenging locations

Crane in Cuba's Havana Harbor. Photo courtesy Whitehorn Financial.

Whitehorn Financial Group blog
AEC firms recognize the upsides of exploring new, emerging markets. Whitehorn Financial's Steve Whitehorn offers four...

Photo: Mass Communications Specialist 1st Class Corey Lewis , U.S. Navy, via Wikimedia Commons; photo filter via

David Barista
As buildings become increasingly connected, opportunistic hackers have countless avenues into a building’s network. 
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Jeff Alexander
With high-quality Valspar coatings, pre-painted metals can be abrasion resistant even for heavy commercial use,...
Why people are the most important factor in urban regeneration

A 100-hectare contemporary waterfront site in Belgrade, Serbia. Rendering courtesy CallisonRTKL.

CallisonRTKL blog
What makes large-scale urban regeneration projects successful? CallisonRTKL's Edgar Kiviet explores how cities,...
5 steps to creating high-performance communities

Perkins+Will’s Chaudiere Island Master Plan in Ottawa. Image © Chris Foyd/Courtesy of Perkins+Will.


Perkins+Will’s Ideas + Buildings
Perkins+Will's Noah Friedman and Kristen Hall break down the essential ingredients to create a neighborhood that's ...

Images courtesy VOA

Stantec Blog
VOA's Pablo Quintana writes that the industry is looking for ways to increase engagement through a mix of spaces suited...
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Jeff Alexander
Pre-painted metals can be printed, embossed, or striped for special visual effects.

Ball State University Master Plan. Rendering: Michael Bostic, courtesy SmithGroupJJR.

SmithGroupJJR's Perspectives blog
Decision-making at higher education institutions can be difficult, but SmithGroupJJR's Michael Bostic writes that ...
Why corporate bathrooms stink and how good design can fix this

Bathrooms in hotels, restrooms and even airports tend to carry a touch of class that bathrooms in corporate offices so often lack. Pictured: a ladies room in SFO Terminal 2. Image: Bruce Damonte, courtesy Gensler.

Despite their importance, bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to building design. Gensler's Johnathan Sandler...
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