Employers must strike a balance between traditional offices and modern workspaces. Image courtesy HDR

Each office workplace requires a different blend of people, processes, tools, and spaces to support its employees. HDR'...
5 ways architecture defines the university brand perkins+will

Image courtesy Perkins+Will

Perkins+Will’s Ideas + Buildings
People gravitate to brands for many reasons. Campus architecture and landscape are fundamental influences on the...
Competency-based learning: A glimpse into the future of higher education?

Photo: Xbxg32000 via Wikimedia Commons

David Barista
For better or worse, the higher education experience for many young Millennials and Gen Zers will not resemble the four...
#Thank you for sharing: How social media is reshaping the workplace

Why work on a desktop PC when you can work on a mobile device? Image © Gensler

The rapid growth of mobile technologies threatens to push the desktop PC into extinction. When this happens, the most...
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Jeff Alexander
The extensive Valspar palette is available for architectural, commercial, residential and industrial projects, bringing...
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How To Identify A Metal Building
Jeff Koos
The metal buildings of yesteryear were drab and largely windowless. Now, an application that depends on big, beautiful...
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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 – designed with the AEC industry in mind

Microsoft explains how they made the impossible, possible in building the Surface Pro 3 with Bluebeam Revu in their keynote presentation here:

Sasha Reed
Sasha Reed sits down with Microsoft’s Senior Director of Programs, Pete Kyriacou to discuss the unique challenges AEC...
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Sasha Reed
Sasha Reed sits down with David Fano, Chief Technology Officer for WeWork  (formerly with CASE), at BIMForum to discuss...
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Comfort and energy efficiency with cool metal roofs

Solar reflective coatings on metal roofs have high thermal reflectance and thermal emittance, keeping rooftop temperatures down in direct sunlight.

Jeff Alexander
Energy-efficient metal roofs, with cool coatings are at the forefront of innovation, helping to increase the efficiency...
From Gehry to the High Line: What makes a project a game-changer?

El Peix sculpture in Barcelona, by Frank Gehry. Photo: Till Niermann via Wikimedia Commons

David Barista
Each year, there are a handful of projects that significantly advance the AEC industry or a particular building type....
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