ErinoakKids treatment center, Erin Sauga, courtesy Stantec

For our design for an ErinoakKids treatment center, we needed to include a staircase that incorporated a large landing, since kids with mobility issues require a space to rest. So, we came up with a treehouse concept, which can be seen at the top left of this image. Photo courtesy Stantec

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Below are five strategies to improve access and patient experience.
Zurich North America’s HQ outside Chicago

Zurich North America’s HQ outside Chicago is rooted in one of the most expansive employee engagement efforts in history, and the extensive data it generated. Photo courtesy CannonDesign

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Everyone wants to cut costs, but not at the expense of the project’s functionality.
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All the benefits of using low-iron glass are now possible with a USA-made fire rated glass.
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While some may think that a green building costs more and is more complicated to build, that is not actually the case.
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In the industry war for talent, organizations that nurture and grow soft skills will win.
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