Images courtesy GS&P Dialogue

GS&P Dialogue
How does success in managing density begin? By being design friendly to everyone, writes Jessica K. Lucyshyn of GS&...

Images courtesy Gensler

While utilization is an important metric to inform how frequently a space is used, it’s important to consider activity...
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Sasha Reed
Sascha Vesterlund, a VDC Specialist, Design Processer with MT Højgaard, and Nathan Wood, Innovation at DPR Construction...
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Jeff Alexander
Choosing a color for your new home can be a difficult decision. Selecting one single pigment to represent you and your...
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Glass industry gives back during the holidays

10-year old Eliyana, a patient at the Burn Center, playing with one of the Starlight® Fun Center® mobile entertainment units donated by SAFTI FIRST to provide entertainment to children receiving treatment at the Community Medical Center in Fresno, CA

Bill O'Keeffe
The holiday season is generally a time when individuals and companies ramp up their charitable giving. The glass...
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Why employee advocacy is key to social media success
Steven Burns
Employee advocacy is key to boosting social media engagement, and employee advocacy is about more than just the...
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Compelling conversations about wood: Engineered wood as expressive design
Karyn Beebe
This installment features a wide-ranging discussion that reveals how a mix of engineered wood products lend themselves...

Photo: Deskmag via Wikimedia Commons

Rob Cassidy
Researchers at Harvard, SUNY-Upstate Medical Center, and Syracuse University conduct a controlled experiment to see if...
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