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Metal Roof Retrofits: The Potential, The Problems, The Payoff
Ken Buchinger
During metal roof retrofits, look for moisture and check for asbestos
Why AEC firms should be cultivating 'visible experts'

Photo: Cydcor via flickr creative commons

David Barista
A new study pinpoints the true dollar value of having knowledge leaders and market shapers on your team.
BIM/VDC training is more than learning the features

The CASE Dynamo Workshop at Tex-Fab 2014 in Austin, Texas. Images courtesy CASE

CASE blog CASE blog
Training can be a taxing experience for both the class and the instructor. CASE's Nathan Miller offers four ways to...
'What’s the latest trend in workplace design?': How architects and designers should answer this question

Rendering: VOA Associates

VOA Blog
Hint: Your response must be better than a laundry list of solutions, according to VOA Associates' John Varholak.
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Heat, Convection, Conduction, Radiation, Metal Buildings, Insulation, Heat Transmittance

Heat energy has only three mechanisms through which it can transfer: thermal convection, thermal conduction, and thermal radiation.. Illustration courtesy of kmecriunit/Wikimedia Commons

Barbara Shirley
Thermal convection occurs when hot molecules move from one location to another.
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Which Is More Efficient: Wood Walls or Steel and Masonry With Continuous Insulation?
Mark Halverson
By nature, wood has nearly four times the thermal resistance of steel or masonry
Ensuring today’s medical education facilities fit tomorrow’s healthcare

The University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences building is organized around large learning communities that create spaces for socializing and collaboration. Rendering: Perkins+Will

Perkins+Will’s Ideas + Buildings
Through thought-leading design, medical schools have the unique opportunity to meet the needs of today’s medical...
Why does an American city of 400,000 feel more compact than a European city of 2.4 million?

View over Paris, at dusk, from the Maine-Montparnasse tower. Photo: Benh Lieu Song, Wikimedia Commons

HDR’s Jim Thomson brings home some insights from a recent trip to Paris. 
New Museum debuts first museum-led incubator space

NEW INC, the New Museum's incubator. Image © New Museum

Part studio, part shared workplace, part lab, and part professional development program, NEW INC connects design with...
5 trends that will shape the future of scientific labs

 Image © Gensler

Scientific research is increasingly focusing on data collection and analytical analysis of that data, meaning the "lab...
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