Is the booming freelance economy a threat to AEC firms?

Photo: Pixabay

David Barista
By shifting the work (and revenue) to freelancers, “platform capitalism” startups have taken considerable market share...
Early trends in healthcare for 2016

All images courtesy CannonDesign

Cannon Design Blog
Fighting cancer, Design-Led Construction (DLC), and health sciences education are among the new efforts and...
New ideas to help universities attract and empower STEM students

Rendering of an interior environment at University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios, a first-of-its-kind hybrid building that brings college housing together with a 24/7 entrepreneurial garage. Images courtesy Cannon Design

Cannon Design Blog
Educational institutions are focusing on new learning strategies that engage students in activities, enable...
Developing a strategy for getting paid on time

Photo: Pixabay

Whitehorn Financial Group blog
Though talking about money can be difficult, creating and following a clear plan for getting paid is essential for your...
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Increased demand for fire resistive glazing in combination with ballistic or physical attack protection led to the development of USA-made SuperSecure II-XLS by SAFTI FIRST, now used in prisons and other secure facilities nationwide.

Bill O'Keeffe
After a strong 2015, demand for fire resistive glass continues to grow
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Dave Rutherford
Speed has a real impact on the bottom line, in ways that are obvious and in some that you might not be aware of.

Section of the private residential gardens (click to view expanded version). Renderings, illustrations courtesy CallisonRTKL

CallisonRTKL blog
Matthias Olt, Associate Vice President at CallisonRTKL, discusses new ways to improve individual health and well-being...
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Jeff Alexander
Use a splash of color or even paint an entire room to manifest and realize your dreams and goals. Kate Smith, an...
How the Fourth Industrial Revolution will alter the globe’s workforce

Photo: Pixabay

David Barista
The next great technological metamorphosis will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before, due to the sheer...
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