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How to improve project planning
Steven Burns
A recent research project revealed that more than 75 percent of project owners have no consistent method for assessing...
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Allen Hurtz
In a contemporary metal building system, the size and shape can be just about whatever the project "wants." 
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Jeff Alexander
Special care must be taken to formulate coatings to ensure performance, even in the most demanding environments.
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Clearing up myths about PVDF coatings

Photo courtesy of Timothy Hursely.

Jeff Alexander
While all PVDF coatings contain the same resins, the remaining 30% of the binders and pigmentation vary by manufacturer...
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Two loads you must understand before requesting an estimate

Mezzanine in a Bilbao metro station, Spain. Photo: Javierme/Wikimedia Commons.

Jenny Arrowood
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Glulam provides aesthetic, structural, and safety solution for Appleton Mills project

Exterior of Appleton Mills at night.

Mark Halverson
The Appleton Mills complex includes 5 million square feet of space, with an original structure built in the 1870s and...
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Wood, natural materials, building materials, interiors

A Canadian study showed that wood in interiors was perceived by a majority of subjects as more “warm,” “inviting,” “homey,” and “relaxing” than all other tested materials.

Dana Ohler
The preference for nature has a name: biophilia, which literally means “love of life.” 
Finally! There's a workplace trend that’s worth embracing

The intersection of people, place, and tools is where we find success. Discover that intersection and design to criteria support all three. Diagram: VOA Associates

VOA Blog
There’s a realization by corporate real estate executives that in order to create a successful workplace, there must be...
Maker spaces: Designing places to test, break, and rebuild

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Innovation Studio, Phase 1 completion August 2015. Rendering: Gensler

Gensler's Kenneth Fisher and Keller Roughton highlight recent maker space projects at MIT and the University of...
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