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Compelling conversations about wood: Engineered wood as expressive design
Karyn Beebe
This installment features a wide-ranging discussion that reveals how a mix of engineered wood products lend themselves...

Photo: Deskmag via Wikimedia Commons

Rob Cassidy
Researchers at Harvard, SUNY-Upstate Medical Center, and Syracuse University conduct a controlled experiment to see if...
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5 ways to bring data into marketing and business development
Steven Burns
Here are five ways to use data to enhance the client acquisition process
Leadership or limbo: Moving to building green’s next level

3 PNC Plaza. Photo: John Marino via flickr Creative Commons

John Caulfield
After interviewing more than 50 AEC firms for our Greenbuild Report in the November issue, I wonder if the...
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Sasha Reed
I recently sat down with two Architects-Turned-VDC-Process-Managers to discuss the ways in which they are leveraging...
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Fire rated doors: standards, testing and glazing requirements

Today’s fire rated doors frequently incorporate glazing to enable vision and transparency that maximize natural or shared lighting.

Bill O'Keeffe
There are several safe and economical alternatives to traditional wired glass for 20-45 minute vision lites
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Schooling the visitor

The large CLT roof overhang is supported in part by 15-foot-tall concrete letters spelling “W-S-U” just outside of the high-ceilinged pavilion.

Mark Halverson
Exposed glulam and other engineered wood products help WSU tell its technology story
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The benefits of selling your firm to employees

Other benefits of selling a firm to employees is the opportunity to mentor the next generation of employees and providing your clients with continuity. Photo: Flickr/

Steven Burns
One business advisor recommends professional services businesses to develop a group of employees who are willing and...
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Jeff Alexander
Color can make or break your project. At Valspar, we live and breathe color. 
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