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Steven Burns
A collaborative planning and design process may seem like a common-sense goal, but the concept can be a challenge to...
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Techsuite is a new solution to the ever-increasing technology demands of projects that require BIM processes during design and construction phases. Photos: Williams Scotsman

Williams Scotsman
Many of our customers conduct important business from their temporary modular jobsite office and most require access to...

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A recent trend in the practice of architecture that I’ve been noticing is the blurring of responsibility between design...
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Jeff Alexander
Paints are used both to add color and protect surfaces. The pigments in the paint not only impact the color but also...
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Steven Burns
To attract and keep talented individuals who are different than you, Entrepreneur magazine suggests a few foundational...
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Williams Scotsman
The Marcellus Shale region is expansive, stretching from upstate New York through Pennsylvania to West Virginia. It’s...
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In several recent projects, use of wood building materials has yielded cost reductions and faster installation, resulting in significant economic savings. For the Galt Place affordable senior housing complex in Galt, Calif., for example, designers estimate they saved more than $1 million through lower material costs combined with soft-cost savings from faster construction, easier handling, and fewer trades on site. Photo: APA-The Engineered Wood Association

Karyn Beebe
Wood podium construction takes an age-old material and moves it into the 21st century. 
Constructive Thinking Blog
More and more facility owners are seeing the benefits that building information modeling can bring to their projects,...

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Cannon Design Blog
The new report, "Flooring Applications in Healthcare Settings," compares and contrasts different flooring types in the...
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Steven Burns
Telling your employees to become more engaged and productive won’t work. But putting mechanisms in place that...
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