How to transition leadership within your architecture firm, part 1

Photo: Hariri Pontarini Architects' office, Jason Paris/Creative Commons

Whitehorn Financial Group blog
In order for your firm to thrive and preserve your legacy after retirement, it is essential that you create a strategic...

Photo: NL Architects’ A8ernA project in Koog aan de Zaan, Zaanstadt, The Netherlands, NL Architects (via SmithGroupJJR)

SmithGroupJJR's Perspectives blog
Activating the areas beneath elevated highways, rail lines, and freeways can create unique environments, writes...
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Steven Burns
By analyzing the “benchmark firms” selected from its annual surveys, PSMJ has identified several characteristics that...
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Jeff Alexander
The eye-catching façade is a tribute to the area's rich oil history.
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Mark Halverson
Multifamily housing starts reached 358,000 in 2014, a 16 percent increase over 2013 and the highest total since 2007
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Sasha Reed
Having the right counsel on your team can be the difference between long drawn-out negotiations and breaking new ground...
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Bring a project to life with color
Jeff Alexander
The use of color in a building can influence the desired response.
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Understanding the values and aspirations of millennials

Only 28 percent of millennials believe that their organization is taking full advantage of their skills, research from Deloitte revealed.

Steven Burns
A recent LinkedIn workplace survey revealed that millennials (defined as individuals aged 18–24) are quite different...
Good design can combat open-office issues

Photo: GS&P-designed Jackson Development Zone in East Lansing, Michigan, courtesy GS&P

GS&P Dialogue
Three tricks to maintain privacy and worker production in a cube-less world, according to GS&P's Jack E. Weber 
5 brand-building strategies in the outpatient environment

Image: University of Minnesota Health Clinics and Surgery Center, courtesy CannonDesign

Cannon Design Blog
No longer coasting off of reputation, leading organizations are using new ambulatory care centers to re-brand for the...
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