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Use this app to streamline safety inspections

February 26, 2014

Today, there are apps for everything: tracking your fitness, finding your friends, and tracking your expenses. So why shouldn’t there be an app for safety?

Using the iAuditor app (available for the iPad/iPhone and Android devices), one of our Skanska teams developed electronic reports that make safety inspections more efficient, and that make it easier to address any issues emerging from them. This virtual process can eliminate the paper checklists and spreadsheets normally associated with this activity.

Two templates have been developed: one for executive site safety visits and the other for project-level work site safety inspections.

“A lot of people say it saves them significant time and effort,” said Vi Nguyen, Skanska senior project engineer in San Francisco. “Now they’re able to devote more time performing the audit and looking for safety issues, rather than filling out a piece of paper.”

An added benefit is that photos of items needing additional action can be tagged to the report, said Nguyen, who developed the templates.

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Once the reports are completed, the user emails them to the appropriate safety team professional. A database can also be used to automatically collect the reports.

Accessing the templates

The iAuditor app is available for both the Apple and Android platforms. To find the Skanska templates once you’ve downloaded the app, click on “Public Library” and then search for “Skanska.”

You’ll see a few Skanska options, but the proper templates are labeled as follows:
• Executive EHS Site Visit Report: Used by executives to perform general safety audits on project sites.
• Work Site Safety Inspection: Used to perform specific site safety inspections.

Skanska’s job sites are increasingly digital, from the use of BIM, to RFID tagging at projects like MetLife Stadium, to the Skanska iSite monitor, to our push towards paperless jobsites.  

Technology is helping our teams do their jobs more efficiently from beginning to end and, most importantly, helping us achieve our goal of an Injury-Free Environment®.


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