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Happy holidays, dear readers! A little verse (very little, in fact) for the season

December 21, 2012

Dear reader, it’s that time of year

To thank our friends, and wish good cheer

To everyone who gets our ’zine

And works in the construction scene.


So, grant us leave for just two secs

To praise our clever architects.

Let’s not forget our builders many

Their work is worth it, every penny!

Congratulations, engineers!

We toast you all (with craft-brewed beers).


Hello to all at Harvard Jolly

Who decked the halls with boughs of holly.

Hope everyone at Arquitectonica

Liked Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Happy Hanukkah!

Let’s raise a glass to SCB,

And Gilbane, Skanksa, STV.

Durst Org. and COOKFOX, we say Hark!

For giving us One Bryant Park.

To Fentress, Flintco, Fluor, and Flad—

We love you guys! You made us glad

To serve you with our words and pictures.

We feel as if we’re household fixtures.


Hi, HOK! Hey, HDR!

Like all good firms, you’ve raised the bar.

Best wishes to Affiliated

And all whose jobs get LEED Gold-rated,

Yo, Hensel Phelps, Brasfield & Gorrie—

You finished Year Twelve in a blaze of glory.

To both you Perkins (Will and Eastman)

A great New Year, one marked by peace and

Good cheer for all, especially

JLL, Fanning Howey, and EYP.


How ‘bout Stantec, Corgan, and Clark,

They’re always tops, right on the mark.

We dare not miss Payette and SLAM—

Your work cries out with BIM!! BANG!! BAM!!!

And let’s be sure to give a wink

To Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

Plus everyone who makes us think

And keeps our brain cells in the pink—

Like tvs, and Shepley Bulfinch.

You’re great folks all, not one a Grinch.


Haselden, RNL: you’re our heroes

For making a building outa net-zeroes.

We dare propose to have a ball

With Beyer Blinder Belle et al.

Hey, Westlake, Reed, you, too, Leskosky,

Your preservation work’s got moxie.

You Magnusson Klemencic guys:

Stay hearty, healthy, wealthy, wise.

And all you folks at Gensler—POWER!!!

Go raise the roof on Shanghai Tower!


Wiss Janney Elstner, ZGF,

Heery, Hardin, and Walsh mos’ def

Deserve to hear these words of praise:

“You brighten all our passing days.”

To LEO DALY (where’s the A?):

May all good tidings come your way.

O, Bolton (Niles) and OZ and Turner

Put all your worries on the back burner.

And Whiting-Turner, HITT, and CORE

Keep on constructing, evermore.


Yo, Glumac, Walbridge, Structure Tone:

Fear not, good friends, you’re not alone.

There’s Ziegler Cooper, Yates, and Zak—

No worries, gang, we got yer back!

Neglect we shant our friends at Heapy,

Or Suffolk, or Arup—that would be creepy!

Nor will we skip the folks at CORE,

Callison, VOA, or Walter P Moore.


Dear reader, that’s enough of this:

A quick good-bye would bring you bliss.

We love you all, be sure of that.

To you, a tip of our mutual hat.

But ’ere we go, one last wish we proffer:

May Twenty-thirteen o’erflow your coffer!

—The Editors


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