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BD+C's 101 Top Products: Windows & Doors

Among the best window and door products included in BD+C's 2018 101 Top Products report are Schlage's M Collection, Marvin's Mulling Options, and Ross Technology's High-Security Steel Doors.

January 08, 2019 |


1. M Collection | Schlage

Three door handles in Schlage's M Collection

Designed to be soft to the touch from every angle, this collection of ergonomic levers uses gentle curves that contour with the hand for easy actuation. The end of the handle flattens horizontally as it approaches the door, providing a paddle-like surface that reduces the amount of force required to open the door, according to the maker. The line also includes a linear, minimalist lever and an oversized lever.


2. Full-Vision, Bullet-Resistant Doors | C.R. Laurence

A bullet-resistant door from CR Laurence

Bullet-resistant doors are designed for interior applications, and feature a built-in continuous geared hinge to increase security and reduce visible hardware. The low-profile doorframe and door latch are made for use with a single panel of bullet-resistant acrylic or polycarbonate glazing. It offers Level 1 or Level 3 bullet protection per UL 752 ballistic testing standards.


3. InVista | Hufcor

Hufcor Invista

This low-profile framed operable glass wall for interior applications features no floor tracks, clean lines, solid acoustic performance (38 STC), and clear views. With panels up to four feet wide and a slim frame, the system can enhance daylighting measures in a variety of applications. Its waist-high activated edge pin system simplifies locking/unlocking. Options: six glass types and three door handles in multiple lengths and finishes.


4. Series 7000 | Western Window Systems

Western Window Systems series 7000 installed

Manufacturer offers thicker glass options for its line of oversized aluminum door systems. With thicker glass—8mm thick, or 1.3 inches overall for insulated glass units—these doors can accommodate glass panels up to 96 sf in size, compared to 60 sf with traditional quarter-inch-thick glass and one-inch overall units. The glass units are available with Cardinal Glass’ LoE 366 coatings for thermal comfort.


5. Mulling Options | Marvin

Marvin Mulling Options

To ease the specification and installation processes for large-scale window walls, Marvin has expanded its mulling capabilities. Among the new factory-prepped choices are certified standard, reinforced, stud pocket, and space mulls, along with accessories. A 3/8-inch aluminum mull reinforcement adds strength and offers narrow sightlines.


6. Attack-Resistant Openings | Ceco Door

Ceco attack-resistant openings in a classroom setting

A cost-effective solution for schools, this line of hardened doors, frames, and hardware bridges the gap between standard doors and high-level bullet-resistant openings. The door assembly meets test standards for forced entry and ballistic-resistant levels of protection for various threats based on the FBI’s Active Shooter Report. It can withstand a four-minute physical attack after being shot 60 times by an AK-47.


7. ControlGard | CornellCookson

Close-up of the Controlgard

This chain hoist for overhead doors features an integral braking system to prevent the hoist from spinning out of control, slamming the door down, and causing the chain to fly up. The hoist only moves when the user is actively pulling the chain. It extends the life of doors, because it controls operation and reduces the risk of abuse, says the maker. The compact system requires just 3½ inches of side clearance.


8. MUTO sliding door | dormakaba

Dormakaba Muto sliding door

This multifunction sliding door system is designed for use with glass, wood, and other door materials, and features slim mechanisms that remain out of sight. The company’s Dormation damping technology brings the door gently to its end position and eliminates the need for glass preparation. A status indicator allows connection to a facility management system. Suitable for new construction and retrofits.


9. Cero sills | NanaWall

nanawall cero sills diagram

Manufacturer offers four sill options for its Cero slim-framed, large-panel sliding glass wall system: Higher Weather Performance Sill, Flush Sill, Low Profile Saddle Sill, and Low Profile Saddle Hybrid Sill. The newest option, Low Profile Saddle Hybrid Sill, is a combination of the Low Profile Saddle Sill (recessed at 7/16 inch) and the Flush Sill, and is designed to work with varying interior and exterior finish floor heights.


10. Oversized Direct Set Windows | Weather Shield

Weather Shield Oversized direct set windows in a bedroom

To meet the growing demand for larger unobstructed views, Weather Shield has expanded the size offering of its Oversized Direct Set Windows from 60 sf to 70 sf. The floor-to-ceiling windows feature slim-line direct-glaze rectangular frames that maximize the viewing area. Available in 12 standard colors, 45 designer colors, four metallic finishes, and eight anodized exterior aluminum finishes.


11. MagLev Glide door system | Maglev Glide

Close-up of the Maglev glide door system

This sliding door system is the world’s first magnetic levitating door. Just as high-speed commuter trains levitate above the guideway, this sliding door technology uses magnetic force to hover above the track. The result is a door system that is quiet and does not drag or stick. Applications include commercial doors, shower doors, barn doors, pocket doors, and patio doors. The system is 100% customizable.


12. ComfortDrive Automated Self-Driving Panel System | Modernfold

Comfort Drive used in an office setting

Fully operable with the push of a button, the ComfortDrive Automated Self-Driving Panel System automatically divides a room into a variety of pre-programmed layouts. The system has opening and closing speeds of up to 30 feet per minute. The ComfortDrive system, which is controlled by a touch pad, can be programmed to create multiple configurations to achieve proper setup. The track is just 3.875 inches wide and can handle up to 30 panels on up to 164 feet of track. Tracks can be laid out in a straight line, segmented, or curved. The last panel is equipped with an electromechanical lock to prevent unauthorized operation. Each panel weighs up to 325 lb, but can be manually operated in the event of a power failure. A monitoring system stops and reverses any panel that is on a collision course with an obstacle.


13. FeelSafe | Sierra Pacific Windows

Sierra pacific's feelsafe window

Impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to withstand Zone III or Zone IV hurricane-force wind and water damage. The line includes the FeelSafe Bi-fold Door, FeelSafe Push Out Casement, and FeelSafe Aspen Casement. The line brings storm-tested products to the wood window market, without having to upgrade to more costly Zone IV-rated systems. A selection of insulated impact glazing is available.


14. Roof hatches at Buchanan Park | The Bilco Company

Looking down into a Bilco roof hatch

Buchanan Park, a new development from Ditto Residential in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, D.C., includes 32 townhomes that line 13th Street and D Street. The townhomes offer three- and four-bedroom layouts surrounding the century-old Buchanan School. Included in each of the townhomes is a unique element: a thermally broken roof hatch from The Bilco Company. These hatches provide R-20+ insulation and allow rooftop access for the homeowners. The hatches minimize heat transfer and the effects of condensation. They were strategically placed to provide residents with the best rooftop views. Townhouse residents can access the hatches via a pull-down ladder similar to that of an attic entrance.


15. IN100 Aperio Wireless Lock | ASSA ABLOY

Assa Abloy's In100 Aperio Wireless Lock

Ideal for facilities such as schools and corporate office buildings, this wireless lock allows facilities to leverage existing security infrastructure to expand access control coverage quickly and affordably. The unit can be locked or unlocked remotely in less than 10 seconds. Supports multiple credential types, including smart cards and proximity cards. Options: 50+ lever styles, 14 finishes, black/white reader.


16. High-Security Steel Doors | Ross Technology

Ross Technology's Steel Doors in use

Doors offer DOS-certified protection against mob-level forced-entry attacks and rifle-level ballistic threats. The 05 model is tested to withstand a simulated mob attack for five minutes. The 15R model is tested to withstand 15 minutes of simulated mob attacks and is resistant to 5.56 M193, 5.56 M855, and 7.62 M80 ballistic rounds. The structural steel, pre-hung assembly is engineered for long-term durability.


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