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BD+C's 101 Top Products: Glass & Glazing

Among the best glass & glazing products included in BD+C's 2018 101 Top Products report are AGC Glass' Clearvision, Viracon's Enhanced VRE and VE coatings, and Safti First's SuperLite II-XLB.

January 08, 2019 |
Dirty Habit restaurant, Washington, D.C. Photo: SageGlass

Pictured: Dirty Habit restaurant, Washington, D.C., which features 2,042 sf of SageGlass electrochromic glass covering the entire restaurant façade and a skylight, which automatically darkens or clears in response to sun movement throughout the day.


1. Prel-Shade | Suntuitive

Suntuitive's Prel-Shade in the CN Tower

Recently installed windows in the CN Tower observation deck in Toronto include Prel-Shade Thermochromic Glass. The dynamic glass, which was used in floor-to-ceiling windows, gradually darkens as the sun heats it, and in proportion to the sun’s intensity. As the sun’s intensity wanes, the glass transitions back to a clear state. The glass allows the CN Tower observation deck to remain comfortable and offer clean views regardless of weather, temperature, or time of day.


2. Electrochromic glass in D.C. | SAGEGLASS

Electrchromic Glass in Washington, D.C. Hotel Monaco DC

Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., adjacent to the landmark General Post Office building, Hotel Monaco DC set out to make a bold architectural statement with its new Dirty Habit restaurant. Since the General Post Office is a National Historic Landmark, the new space was required by law to preserve visibility to the post office’s classical revival façade. This meant incorporating significant structural glass, while controlling glare and solar heat gain inside the restaurant. The solution: 2,042 sf of SageGlass electrochromic glass—covering the entire restaurant façade and a skylight—which automatically darkens or clears in response to sun movement throughout the day.


3. Phantom 5000 | Tubelite

Tubelite Phantom 5000

This line of zero-sightline awning and casement windows features a concealed aluminum frame design that is virtually invisible from a building’s exterior, providing a consistent appearance of fixed lites. The Phantom 5000 line is designed for mid-rise commercial and multifamily projects, where natural ventilation and daylight are a premium. Hinge options allow opening from the bottom or side of the window. Screens are available with frames to match the window unit.


4. SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity System | TECHNICAL GLASS PRODUCTS

SteelBuilt Curtainwall infinity system

With the SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity System, almost any type of custom steel member can be used for a back mullion, such as a box beam, I-beam, or T-shape. This results in larger areas of glass, smaller frame profiles, and greater free spans. Narrow sight lines: 23/8 inch (60 mm); 1¾ inch (45 mm) for interior only. The design flexibility allows curtain walls to be incorporated into a nearly limitless range of building types, designs, and performance requirements.


5. Clearvision | AGC Glass

AGC Glass Clearvision

Low-iron glass delivers 92% light transmission—among the highest in the market—while remaining neutral in color. Available in laminated, heat-treated, bent, silk-screened, or insulated configurations. Clearvision can be specified for interior and exterior applications. The Cradle to Cradle-certified glass comes in a range of thicknesses, from 3mm to 12mm, and in custom thicknesses.


6. Bird-friendly Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass | Vitro Architectural Glass + Walker Glass

Bird-friendly starphire ultra-clear class in an aviary

The National Aviary’s Tropical Rainforest in Pittsburgh required a glass roof that would sustain wildlife and plant life throughout the year while keeping the spaces bird-safe. The solution: 3,100 panes of laminated Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass (from Vitro) with a bird-friendly AviProtek acid-etched finish (Walker). Architectural representatives from Vitro worked with bird-safety experts at the National Aviary to develop a custom glass specification for the project, which incorporates complete acid-etched coverage on the exterior (#1) surface of the low-iron glass. On the team: Montgomery Smith (preservation consultant), Dlubak Specialty Glass (glass fabricator), Greenhouse RSI (glass installer).


7. Enhanced VRE and VE coatings | Viracon

Enhanced VRE and VE Coatings

This line of glass coatings has been enhanced to improve the solar heat gain coefficient by 13% to 22% in a dual-pane insulating glass unit on clear glass, over standard VRE and VE coatings. The Enhanced Series offers improved solar control while maintaining the color-neutral aesthetics of the VRE and VE coatings. Can be applied to a variety of tinted substrates to alter the exterior aesthetics.


8. ProTek YHC 300 SSG Cassette | YKK AP

YKK Protek YHC 300 SSG Cassette

This four-sided structural silicone glazed curtain wall system is hurricane-impact resistant and features a versatile framing design, horizontal stack joints for multi-spans, and glazing options for 70 and 90 psf. Cassettes are pre-glazed in the shop and then inserted directly into the curtain wall system. The cassettes interlock with integral adapters on the horizontals to create full-width engagement top and bottom. Then, the vertical sides are toggled to mullions to complete the mechanical attachment.


9. Jumbo coated glass | Guardian Industries

Guardian Industries Jumbo Coated Glass

Now with 12 jumbo coaters worldwide, Guardian Industries offers large-sized glass units for a variety of applications, from concert halls, to office atriums, to luxury living spaces. Where standard glass lites are typically 96x130 inches, jumbo glass lites can exceed 130x204 inches (approximately 11x17 feet). Available with a full offering of high-performance, energy-saving low-e coatings.


10. SuperLite II-XLB | SAFTI FIRST

Safti First's SuperLite II-XLB in use near a stairwell

SuperLite II-XLB 60-120-minute fire resistive glazing for oversized and butt-glazed applications features the largest tested and approved clear view area—7,980 square inches—of any fire resistive glazing product up to 2 hours. The tint-free, optically clear glazing can be combined with GPX Architectural Series Framing for a complete, code-compliant fire resistive assembly. Meets ASTM E-119, ANSI/UL 263, and CAN/ULC S101 with hose stream. Thickness: 2½ inches. Weight: 15 lb/sf.


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