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BD+C's 101 Top Products: Building Systems

Among the best building systems products included in BD+C's 2018 101 Top Products report are Friedrich's FreshAire PTAC Unit, Hubbell Lighting's SpectraLoc LED, and Zumtobel's Basys LED II Downlights.

January 07, 2019 |
Lady using Tyssenkrupp Agile


1. FreshAire PTAC unit | Friedrich

Friedrich Freshaire

Friedrich’s FreshAire PTAC system combines an energy-efficient inverter compressor with the ability to bring in conditioned make-up air—a first for PTAC units, according to the maker. The system meets ASHRAE 62.1-2013 standards that require the unit to bring in a specific amount of outdoor air and provide MERV 8 filtration. The Precision Inverter compressor with variable speed functionality allows the unit to deliver only the amount of cooling or heating needed for the room.


2. Ultra-Aire MD33 in-wall dehumidifier | Therma-Stor

Therma-Stor MD33

Designed for multifamily dwellings, adaptive-reuse buildings, hotels, and senior and student housing units, the Ultra-Aire MD33 in-wall dehumidifier features a slim, 5¾-deep profile, allowing it to fit inside 2x6-inch stud walls. The system offers a compact moisture control solution and an alternative to overcooling to control relative humidity. The Energy Star-certified system runs independent of the HVAC system and removes up to 33 pints of water a day.


3. Tyco RFIII Sprinkler | Johnson Controls

JOhnson Controls Tyco RFIII

The Tyco RFIII Extended Coverage Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler is concealed within the wall via a flat cover, which makes the sprinkler a good option for architecturally sensitive installations, such as hotel rooms and reception areas. The cover plate assembly comes in a variety of standard and factory-painted custom colors. The quick-response unit is rated for light-hazard occupancies and designed to provide protection coverage areas up to 16x24 feet and 18x22 feet.


4. SpectraLoc LED | Hubbell Lighting

Hubbell Lighting SpectraLoc

Companies that produce milk, beer, and pharmaceuticals have been wary to adopt LED technology because the blue-light wavelength causes photochemical degradation and photo-oxidation damage to the products. These industries have had to use colored packaging and UV coating solutions to protect against the harmful blue light. The SpectraLoc LED blue-spectrum high-bay fixture solves this problem by converting harmful blue light under 500 nanometers to benign green and yellow light. The light applies what is called the Stokes Shift effect, where wavelengths of light below 500 nanometers are absorbed by a unique optic found in SpectraLoc and are then retransmitted at longer, nondestructive wavelengths.


5. AGILE elevator enhancement package | thyssenkrupp

Lady using Tyssenkrupp Agile

The AGILE elevator enhancement package from thyssenkrupp includes destination controls, security access, a management center, and a design center for greater system control, efficiency, security, customization, and comfort. Destination Controls shorten ride times with fewer stops and less congestion. Building managers can dedicate elevators to specific high-traffic areas as user demand changes throughout the day. The Design Center allows for custom colors and branding to be added to elevator touch screens or kiosks. The Management Center enables users to survey traffic, enable and disable operation, and control access to certain floors from anywhere in the building.


6. BASYS LED II downlights | Zumtobel

Indian trails library in Wheeling, Illinois

In renovating and expanding the Indian Trails Public Library in Wheeling, Ill., design architect Product Architecture + Design drew influences from the hospitality industry to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Design elements such as colored-glass room dividers and distinctive curvatures in the carpet, ceiling panels, and light fixtures create definition between zones in the library. To accentuate the interior architecture, the designers worked with KSA Lighting & Controls to develop a two-fold lighting scheme: custom luminaires provide the desired aesthetic impact, while BASYS LED II downlights from Zumtobel offer unobtrusive, second-level lighting.


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