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Star Building Systems

Founded in 1927, Star Building Systems has seen and done it all, from supplying tool sheds for oil derrick drilling sites in the early oil boom days to hangar buildings during World War II. We set the industry standard for innovation and technology. Most importantly, we have the best builders in the business.

September 10, 2020
The building features a wrap-around wood-framed porch, that historically, has the look...
September 02, 2020
Allowing your expert material supplier to direct you as to how to get as close to that...
June 24, 2020
Tradition has given way to reinvention, with churches creating their own definitions of...
June 16, 2020
The car-selling market isn’t the only domain Auto Lenders was intent on turning...
June 04, 2020
With plenty of new changes on the horizon, let’s dive into the top building envelope...
May 28, 2020
The Thelma C was built in 1965 for the original owner, Ken Cristoffersen, by Commercial...
October 02, 2019
The company was founded in 2002 by Jeb Johnson and his wife, Jamie.
August 16, 2019
A new eBook, Marketing Your Construction Company, written by Star Building Systems,...
August 09, 2019
There was never any doubt that a metal building was the best solution for the job.
May 31, 2019
It was during this great oil boom that STAR Building Systems was founded by D. H. Rowland...
May 14, 2019
Star is committed to leading the way in building industry technology.
May 10, 2019
This course describes sustainable directions in the custom-engineered, BIM-driven...
April 08, 2019
Congratulations to all of our category and district winners.
March 20, 2019
Discover how Star Builder Mark Deaville with Petra Construction helped to bring ice...
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