Welcome to the third installment of Building Design+Construction’s “Great Solutions,” highlighting 14 innovative technologies and products that you can put to work in your next project.

December 09, 2012


Israeli inventor gears up to introduce world to cardboard bikes


OK, we’ll admit it, this one looks a bit off target in a building-oriented magazine. But consider what Izhar Gafni, an amateur cycling enthusiast from Israel, has accomplished: the development of a prototype bicycle made almost entirely of cardboard. Using folding principles similar to origami, Gafni spent years developing a bicycle formed with specially cut and treated cardboard that could support the weight of a rider. After the shape is formed, a proprietary blend of materials is applied to strengthen the cardboard and make it waterproof and fireproof before being painted. The brake mechanism and wheel and pedal bearings are made from recycled parts that are free of metal. The tires come from reconstituted rubber. The bicycle weighs 20 pounds and uses about $9 worth of materials.

What’s next, an office tower made from paper towels? You tell us. +


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