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101 Top Products: Glass + Glazing

Among the best glass + glazing products included in BD+C's Top 101 Products report are Guardian Industries' CrystalBlue Glass, SageGlass's Electrochromic Glass, and Technical Glass Products’ Fireframes TimberLine Series.

March 22, 2018 |
The 71Above restaurant in the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, which features SageGlass electrochromic glass.

Pictured: The 71Above restaurant in the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, which features SageGlass electrochromic glass.


1. Daylight Redirecting Film | 3M

3M’s Daylight Redirecting Film is composed of micro-structured prisms that redirect up to 80% of incoming sunlight toward the ceiling. A second component of the film diffuses the redirected light to distribute it more evenly. Applying the film to the top portion of the window allows users to close vision glass blinds while still allowing the sunlight into the space.


2. VNE-53 Low-E Coating | Viracon

Designed to meet the nation’s most rigorous energy codes, VNE-53 triple-silver, low-e coating features a visible light transmittance of 52% and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23 (on low-iron glass in a standard insulating unit). Its neutral-silver exterior appearance provides a consistent color both straight on and off-angle. Available for oversized architectural glass in sizes up to 130x236 inches.


3. Fireframes timberline series interior glass system | Technical Glass Products

Technical Glass Products’ Fireframes TimberLine Series pairs a high-strength steel subframe with a wood-veneered metal cover cap to produce a slender fire-rated frame that serves as a barrier to radiant and conductive heat transfer. When the total glazing area exceeds 25% of a given wall, the Fireframes TimberLine Series is combined with Pilkington Pyrostop fire-rated glass to allow for unrestricted glazing. The frames are available in white maple, cherry, fir, oak, and other woods to visually match any nearby non-rated wood assemblies. Available in fire-resistance ratings up to 120 minutes for interior applications.


4. Electrochromic Glass | SageGlass

Located 1,000 feet above the ground, the 71Above restaurant in the U.S. Bank Tower offers 360-degree views of Los Angeles, Long Beach harbor, and the surrounding mountains. To optimize views for patrons and control solar heat gain and glare, the project team, led by restaurateur Emil Eyvazoff and design firm Tag Front, specified 3,000 sf of SageGlass electrochromic glass. Glazing contractor Giroux Glass installed 192 IGUs and 48 tableside vents, which can be opened to provide fresh air.


5. Solarban 90 tinted glass | Vitro Architectural Glass

Solar-control, low-e glass is available with an array of tinted glasses, including blue, bronze, gray, and green tints. Solarban 90 is a quad-silver-coated glass that incorporates a fourth “nano-layer” that can be manipulated to control its reflectivity, color, and solar performance. In a standard one-inch IGU, the coating has a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.23 and a visible light transmittance of 51%.


6. CrystalBlue Glass | Guardian Industries

Light-blue glass offers architects multiple options for achieving performance and aesthetic requirements. CrystalBlue glass is available coated and uncoated at 6mm thickness in a variety of sizes. The glass can be combined with the company’s SunGuard low-e coatings for a range of energy performance specifications with high visible light transmission.


7. GPX Firefloor System | SaftiFirst

Patent-pending glass floor system offers easy installation, maintenance-free design, and the largest panelized sizes available, according to the maker. The GPX FireFloor System is a single glass unit composed of custom SuperLite II-XL glazing combined with a tempered laminated non-slip walking surface and a fire-resistive-rated structural steel framing grid. The framing grid design allows installers to set the structural frame and load each glass panel from the top.

The GPX FireFloor System seals the walkable surface and the fire-resistive glazing together in a single unit to eliminate condensation and the desiccant bags used to combat these problems. The system uses the largest tested and listed individual glass panels for two-hour fire-resistive glass floor applications.


8. Series 487-AR Partitions | C.R. Laurence

Double-glazed, demountable interior office partition system delivers an acoustical rating of up to 47 STC to keep exterior sound out and interior sound in. The system’s 3½-inch air cavity between the two glass lites maximizes acoustical privacy while allowing ample natural light to flow through office interiors. With available snap-in pocket fillers, the Series 487-AR can be converted into a single-glaze system for enhanced versatility.


9. Climaclear Sliding Panels | Nanawall Systems

Editor's Pick

This frameless all-glass individual panel sliding system is engineered for advanced weather protection. Transparent vertical weather seals between the panels seal the wall against wind-driven rain and reduce air infiltration. When the system is closed, the seals virtually disappear from sight, allowing for maximum transparency with no vertical stiles. A recessed, low-profile saddle sill provides an engineered water management system. Panel floor bolts are foot-activated, locking the panel into place without the need to kneel down.



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