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ZHA to design Phase II of Beijing’s International Exhibition Centre

The firm recently won a design competition for the project.

March 25, 2021 |
International Exhibition Centre aerial

Renderings courtesy Atchain

Zaha Hadid Architects has won a competition to design the 4.7 million-sf Phase II of Beijing’s International Exhibition Centre. Phase II will significantly expand the Centre’s exhibition space and enhance Beijing’s position as a center of knowledge and international exchange. In addition to 3.7 million-sf of exhibition space, the Centre will also include a 516,000-sf hotel and a 473,000-sf conference center. 

Located at the core of the International Airport New City in Beijing’s Shunyi District, the center will feature integrated relationships between the exhibition halls, conference center, and hotel that are echoed in the Centre’s composition. The spaces will be arranged as a series of interconnecting lines and geometries that draw inspiration from the textures of glazed tubular ceramic tile roofs within traditional Chinese architecture. Copper color and large recessed windows give further expression to the visually dynamic envelope.


Beijing's International Exhibition Centre


A composite roof system will insulate the indoor environment and provide maximum sound absorption. The roof’s symmetric geometries create an efficient lightweight large span structure to provide a column free flexible space that can quickly adapt to changes in exhibitions. 

A central north-south axis will act as the primary connecting space between the east and west exhibition halls with the conference center and hotel located to the north of the site. Shared courtyards that feature gardens, cafes, and outdoor public events spaces are included for informal meetings and relaxation.


International Exhibition Centre courtyard


Solar arrays are included and a smart building management system will adjust the exhibition center’s hybrid ventilation as required. Additionally, rainwater collection and grey water recycling will complement the extensive gardens and natural landscaping. Modular fabrication and construction methods will be used to minimize construction time, investment, and operational costs.


International Exhibition Centre roof structure

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