World’s largest eco-resort to open soon in Indonesia

Just under 10 miles away from Singapore, Funtasy Island (yes, that's the real name) is a resort tucked away in the mangrove islands of the Riau archipelago.

December 04, 2014 |

Visitors to the Malay peninsula will have a new, eco-friendly resort to lodge in by the later half of 2015, CNN Travel reports.

Just under 10 miles away from Singapore is a resort development tucked away in the mangrove-islands of the Riau archipelago in Indonesia.

The project is named Funtasy Island, and it will be the world’s largest eco-resort. In a video reportage by CNN, Syarief Santoso of WOW Design Studio, the project's architect, said, “It has to feel like we are [blending] with nature, and we don’t want to change that.”

Hence, the developers set several limitations, such as capping the amount of visitors and relocating buildings, to keep the project as pristine and friendly to the environment as possible.

Approximately 70% of the islands will be preserved in their natural state, CNN reports. “Without [our] natural attractions, our island development will be just like any other real estate development,” said Michael Yong, Director of the developer Funtasy Island Pte.

A piece of property, floating in pristine blue waters lined with powder white sand, costs only $5,000—that's because Indonesian property law prohibits foreign investors from buying, only leasing for set terms.

CNN has the full story.


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