Will Alsop's funky 'high-rise on stilts' will be built over an apartment building in London

Residents will have panoramic views of the River Thames and the neighboring heliport.

August 11, 2014 |
Renderings courtesy ALL Design

Houses on stilts have existed since the Bronze Age, traditionally to help the occupants avoid flooding or vermin. Will Alsop of ALL Design is using stilts for different reason in his new apartment high-rise plan in London’s South Bank: as a way to preserve an existing building on the site.

The development, named Heliport Heights because of its views of the neighboring heliport, is a 15-story tower that sits (or rather, stands) on top of an existing building, avoiding the need to displace its residents.

According to Archdaily, the tower will contain 14 apartments, 13 of which will occupy one floor plate each. The curved shape ensures panoramic views of South London’s waterfront and heliport, while also adding interest to the skyline.

More information can be found on ALL Design’s website.


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