Wasco Skylights introduces Nanogel-brand skylight, with improved energy efficiency

May 24, 2009 |

Wasco Skylights Company, one of America’s largest manufacturers of skylights, has introduced a new product line, Nanogel-brand skylights, which are up to six times as energy efficient as conventional units. The new skylights are insulated with a translucent aerogel, a material used to collect cosmic dust particles and insulate deep sea pipelines.  Nanogel is the best insulating solid on the planet – and the lightest.

Although aerogel was first discovered in 1931, an innovation by Cabot Corporation in the 1990’s made the material commercially available. The translucent aerogel allows for ample light transmission (75% per cm) while retaining all of the material’s high-performance properties.  Nanogel-enhanced skylights can provide the insulating value of an exterior wall; reduce sound transmissions by 25-70%; and increase acoustic performance.  It is completely water repellant.

Nanogel is recyclable, reusable and eco-friendly.




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