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Multifamily millennials: Here is what millennial renters want in 2017

It’s all about technology and convenience when it comes to the things millennial renters value most in a multifamily facility.

November 30, 2016 |

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Recently, millennials have supplanted Baby Boomers as the largest generation on the planet. With such a huge number of people, many of who are 20-somethings beginning to get a little spending power, you better believe companies are doing everything they can to try and crack the enigma that is the millennial buyer and figure out what they value most (beyond ironic t-shirts, protesting, and coffee shops).

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when it comes to a place to live, what millennials value most is technology. A recent survey from Wakefield Research and Schlage of 1,000 U.S. renters in multifamily dwellings revealed that 86% of millennial renters who live in multifamily dwellings would pay higher rent for a “smart” apartment. For comparison, only 65% of Baby Boomers would pay more for an apartment packed with automated or remote-controlled devices.

The survey also found that over 61% of millennial renters would rent an apartment specifically for electronic access features, such as keyless entry doors, and 55% would pay more for an apartment with high-tech door locks compared to traditional door locks. Another 44% of Millennials said they would sacrifice having a parking spot if it meant they could live in a high-tech apartment. Overall, millennials would pay about one-fifth more for smart home features than other generations.

It isn’t just technology millennial renters are after, however. Convenience and security are also important. 63% of millennial respondents said they would move out of an apartment because of poor security. Additionally, 64% of millennials feel it is more important for an apartment to be closer to work than friends and family.

At least according to this survey, the average millennial renter is more concerned with technology and convenience than anything else in an apartment, and are willing to pay for the things they desire.

The Schlage survey was conducted in October 2016 via email and an online survey.


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