U.K.’s Manchester Airport tower constructed in nine days

Time-lapse video shows construction workers on the jobsite for 222 continuous hours.

March 29, 2012 |

A 197 ft air traffic control tower has been built in nine days at Manchester Airport in the U.K. The shaft of the £16m tower, which will house air traffic controllers from 2013, was built using a method of continuous concrete pouring.

The process required teams of 20 construction workers to work around the clock for 222 hours, with an average height increase of 10 in per hour. The crews poured 21,188 cf of concrete over 65 tons of reinforced steel to create the tower. The building of the tower coincides with the introduction of a new air traffic control system at the airport, which has seen controllers moving from paper logs to a digital system.

Click here to see time-lapse footage of the construction. BD+C

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