Turn your pen-and-paper sketches into digital drawings in seconds with this nifty gadget [video]

Funded through Kickstarter, iSketchnote uses a smart pen to instantly digitize hand-written notes and drawings.

May 29, 2014 |

It isn't exactly news that technology now allows us to draw and write digitally, but that usually involves the use of a tablet PC and a stylus. Soon, there will be a new option for people who enjoy the physicality of pen and paper. 

To use iSketchnote, created by startup ISKN and funded through Kickstarter, users place a piece of paper on the tablet-sized device and write with the special ISKN pen. This pen is equipped with a permanent ring-magnet that tracks your writing or drawing, and automatically transfers it to a connected computer or tablet. 

The first devices are set to ship in August, according to Architizer.

Check out this video to see the iSketchnote in action.  

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