Top 10 trends in commercial lenders’ environmental due diligence

EDR offers free webinar on February 22, 2012 at 1 p.m.

February 21, 2012 |

What’s in store for lender due diligence this year? Join this EDR Insight webinar to learn about the top ten trends that will define the world of lender environmental due diligence this year. Topics will include:

How lender’s risk aversion is changing in response to market conditions; geographic hot spots for commercial real estate investment; the implication of this year’s wave of loan maturities for environmental risk management; the forecast for commercial real estate lending in 2012, and more.

Environmental due diligence this year will take many shapes. Banks must meet intense regulator pressure to minimize their exposure to environmental risk in their commercial real estate lending operations. Asset dispositions by lenders to clear their balance sheets of distressed loans and properties are on the rise. And on top of that, a record high wave of loan maturities is coming in 2012. Participants will learn how banks today are responding to the need to manage environmental risk effectively, expectations for lending levels and asset dispositions as a massive transfer of commercial properties gets underway.

EDR Insight’s 60 minute presentation is designed to help you:

  • Understand the forces driving environmental due diligence
  • Whether your bank is lending in one of this year’s hot spots for commercial real estate investment
  • The factors that affect banks’ environmental risk tolerance
  • The types of properties banks are willing to underwrite in today’s fragile market
  • The role of environmental due diligence in determining which loans get refinanced as this year’s wave of maturities hits

To attend, visit: BD+C

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